All About Chickenpants

For more than enough information, visit our Chickenpants page. Here are the highlights:
Chickenpants sprang to life on July 9th, 2007. Born from bad puns, tacky 70's polyester, and chickens, of course.
They're collectible plush toys. No two are ever the same. Each one is numbered and named. You can see the gallery of all the Chickenpants here.
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About the Chickenpants Movies

All the Chickenpants videos are made by myself and an elite team of friends and family members I've bullied into helping me. Most of them are stop-motion. I make them with my Nikon D50, iMovie, and lots and lots of time.
We post them to YouTube,, and Vimeo.
Feel free to post them willy-nilly to your own sites, just please provide a link back to us.
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Where Can I Buy Absolutely Small Stuff?

You can shop online through my own shop, or patronize one of our fine stockists:

Cranky Yellow

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Do You Wholesale?

Sometimes. Feel free to email me and find out!
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What Are Your Shop Policies?

I'm so glad you asked. Let me direct you to this page right here which should explain everything.
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Where Do You Stand on Toy Saftey and the CSPIA Laws?

All the Absolutely Small toys are built to last and constructed out of the best stuff around. However, I often work with vintage materials, for which there is no certification availiable. Now, I've never heard of lead or pthalates working their way into fabric or any of the supplies I use, but the CSPIA laws assume otherwise. (For no logical reason) Anyway, we used to say that if you could handle a Barbie doll, you can handle one of our toys...but now to be in compliance with the CSPIA laws, we say "Absolutely Small toys are not intended for children under the age of 12".
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Who Are You? What is your deal?

Allow me to answer these two questions in the form of an artist's statement. (Sort of)

The purpose of Absolutely Small is to create and distribute approachable, enjoyable, and live-with-able art and art toys. I create in plush because you cannot hug a painting. I create in paint because it can take you places that nothing else can. If I can get people to smile or laugh at what I've created, then I've succeeded.
Absolutely Small is run by Claire Chambers from a teeny tiny town in the foothills of Northern California. All art, softies, and other creations in the Absolutely Small shop are my original designs.
I'm a member of the Etsy Plush Team, just so you know. You can check out our fabulous plush adventures at
Also, I run the world's first collaborative plush blog, The Needle. Check us out at

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What do you look like?

Re-upload for 16 Things
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When are your upcoming shows?

You can join the mailing list to be kept in the loop:

If you join the Absolutely Small List you'll receive a brief chickenful note about once a month letting you know about upcoming shows and new creatures. Also, it's the only source for Absolutely Small coupons!

They sometimes get posted to the press page, too:
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Do You Have an Obsessive List of Everyone Who's Ever Written Anything About You?

Yes. Yes I do. You can check it out right here:
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How Can I Contact You?

Email's good. absolutelysmall {at}
Snail mail and phone number availiable upon request.
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I Don't Care About You, I Just Want To See The Pugs.

Understandable. Here they are!

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