Let them eat cake! A Chickenpants Stop Motion Short

I had so much fun making the last Chickenpants stop motion short that it has me all nostalgic and thinking back to some of the earlier ones that I’ve made. This one, Let Them Eat Cake, also features a Blythe doll and several other non-Chickenpants creatures. It’s one of my favorites. Let Them Eat Cake from Absolutely Small on Vimeo. The drama of low blood sugar rocks the Chickenpants coop to IT'S VERY CORE! Well, not really. (It is also {Read More}

A Brand New Chickenpants Stop Motion Short!

I am so excited to be able to share this with you! For the first time in years, there’s a new Chickenpants stop motion! It’s called: The Care and Feeding of Chickenpants. All the adorable miniature food that you see is made by Killer Sprinkles. Her adorable mini creations were the inspiration for this short. She very generously sent them to me, so I guess that makes this a sponsored post? I don’t know (or care), it was (creative, material {Read More}

Fan Art Friday – Chickenpants Titanic

Today’s post comes courtesy of Monica Wu and Rob Gaunt. Monica and Rob do all sorts of awesome things, like take a Chickenpants to Salvation Mountain. (Which is somewhere I am dying to go! Bonus points, always, for taking Chickenpants to art installations that are on my very long list of places to go.) They also customized a Finn Chickenpants thusly: The beard! Genius! And finally, here is the major motion picture, Chickenpants Titanic: