My Essential Creative Tools – #2 – Evernote

I used to be one of those people who had paper everywhere. All kinds. Notes and ideas and contacts everywhere. Until one fateful day when I stumbled upon Evernote. Life changing! I still take a bazillion notes, but now I corral them all in Evernote. Want to find that good blog post again? Search your Evernote. How exactly did I make those sugar free vegan cookies? Good thing I wrote it down into Evernote. The beautiful thing about Evernote is {Read More}

My Essential Creative Tools – #1 – Cheapola Notebooks

Want to know the absolute, hands down most used creative tool in my studio? The cheapola notebook. Oh sure, they don’t call them that in the store, but you know the kind. College ruled. 70 pages. 1 subject. Spiral bound. And generally much less than two dollars. If you stock up during back to school time, they’re often well under a dollar. It’s insanity. I use them constantly, for jotting down ideas, lists, and quick sketches. I write first drafts {Read More}