Behind the scenes of the Pomeranian Art Quilt – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 28

I’ve always been fascinated with Pomeranians. They are the happiest looking little dogs! They generally look like they’re just about to pop with enthusiasm. I really like that. I wish I was always about to pop from enthusiasm. Instead of anxiety or possibly eating too much. Enthusiasm is definitely the best thing to pop from. Anyway! To begin, I made a page of sketches: Then I picked out some fabrics and got them ready to fuse. And then, the fun/scary {Read More}

Prints are back! And they brought friends!

I just opened up a place for prints of my work. It’s, and you can also get to it by the “prints” tab under the banner. The really fun thing is that you can also make things like throw pillows, wall tapestries, mugs, etc etc etc with your prints. So, there are some of those available, too. If you’d like to see a print of mine available in another format (or just a favorite that hasn’t been listed yet), {Read More}

Aiming to Misbehave

Field Trip to the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts with my quilt group. This is actually the 40th annual show. Forty years! That’s pretty amazing. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the show. At least, of the ones I was able to quickly snap a photo of as I ran after Olive. Obviously, NONE of these quilts are by me. I have tried to properly attribute them to who made them where {Read More}

TOPANGA! (the art quilt)

I don’t know what to tell you about this one, except that it turns out that I am a crazy dog lady. This one is TOPANGA! in case it wasn’t obvious already. She was quite a canine. She was my muse for a long time. I took literally thousands of photos of her, and made many drawings and plushies and what not. And I wasn’t the only one. She was special. This art quilt took me about three months to {Read More}

You Will Do Foolish Things, But Do Them With Enthusiasm – Dailies #78

Click on the pretty pretty picture to read more…it’s a long one. When I started to make the Dailies, I had some specific creative challenges that I wanted to bust through. I didn’t know how long I could keep on doing them. I didn’t set a time limit, because that wasn’t the important part. Creative energy needed to be funneled in a direction. And it was. And just as suddenly, I didn’t feel the need to keep doing things the {Read More}

Dailies no. 73 – 77

Click on the image to see it larger and read more… What you’re looking at (besides a partial alphabet), is actually five days worth of Dailies. I did a letter set each day. At this point, I really needed to simplify the Dailies so I could focus on some other things…an important top secret project that I can hopefully post about later, the whole family coming down with colds, planning a 12 hour each way trip back east for a {Read More}

You’re Swell! – Dailies no. 71

You’re Swell! Dailies no. 71 Another piece featuring a vintage hankie as a background.

Macaron Stacks – Dailies #70

Click on the image to see it larger & read more… Macaron Stacks – Dailies #70 I do love these cookies. The more luridly colored and wildly flavored, the better.

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better – Dailies #69

Click on the image to see it larger & read more… Ice Cream Makes Everything Better – Dailies #69 What more can I say?