Announcing the Chickenpants Studio!

Big news today! I’ve picked up and moved to the Chickenpants Studio. From now on, I’ll be blogging over there. Come on over and say hi! It’s still in the very early stages, but I was too excited to wait to tell you about it. Please update your bookmarks thusly. Also, the shop name / address has changed to Chickenpants Studio shop. Ahhh, much better. I’ve been wanting to change it’s name for ages. ALSO ALSO: in the spirit of {Read More}

The first ever Chickenpants Customer Appreciation Day of Awesomeness is here!

Today is that day! And what exactly does that mean? WELL. I really wanted to create a way to say thank you to everyone who has supported my shop this last year. But any one thing I thought of didn’t seem like quite enough, so I combined them all. Here goes: 1. I have mailed handwritten thank you notes to everyone who purchased something from me in the past year. Hopefully yours has already arrived! (If for some reason it {Read More}

It’s time for a sale!

It has been a really long time since I’ve done this, so clearly it’s time for a sale! This Thursday begins a 30% off sale! Everything in my shop will be marked down. Yay! It’s a perfect time to stock up on goodies. AND! Are you on our mailing list yet? I’m sending out an extra coupon that can be used ON TOP of the 30% markdown. You can use the link at the top right of the header to {Read More}