I’ve always been drawn to scrap quilts, ever since reading a library book about a grandmother and granddaughter making one out of old clothes when I was a little girl. Something about that stuck with me in a big way. Since then, I’ve had my head turned by many amazing, perfectly on point quilts. Quilts made out of only one fabric line, quilts made out of all new fabric, quilts that must be done a certain way OR ELSE. Those {Read More}

Hexagon Quilt – Year One Progress Report

A little over a year ago, I started making a Grandmother’s Flower Garden-ish hexagon quilt. The hexagons in question are 1/2″ ones, so yeah, I’m still working on it. I knew when I started it that this would be a multiple year project, and I’m okay with that. So what does one year of progress look like when you’re working in 1/2″ increments? 49 triple loop flower units. Each individual hexagon is hand basted, and then hand sewn together. There {Read More}

Field Trip to the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts with my quilt group. This is actually the 40th annual show. Forty years! That’s pretty amazing. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the show. At least, of the ones I was able to quickly snap a photo of as I ran after Olive. Obviously, NONE of these quilts are by me. I have tried to properly attribute them to who made them where {Read More}

Making complex appliques – almost a tutorial!

Recently I made this art quilt portrait of Frida Kahlo: I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process. If you’re inspired, you could create something similar. You know, using your own drawing and stuff. My way of doing this isn’t by any means the only way, or even probably the best way. (I mean, it’s the best way for me so far, but I’m open to learning new techniques!) Anyway, it starts with an idea, and {Read More}

Library Book Review* – Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston

I recently received a total treasure in the form of a big stack of quilting and fabric art books. Most of them are a little older, but still relevant and fascinating. For instance, Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston It hails from yonder days of 1996, practically a lifetime ago. OH, for simpler times, when only some of us carried pagers and the ubiquitous internet was but a pipe dream of lonely nerds posting to message boards. Message boards! And remember {Read More}

As time goes by quilt

Another quilt completed! Time for a process recap. Grab a cup of coffee and bear with me for a moment while I jot down the details. Yes, my own memory is literally that leaky that I need to document this or else I will probably forget most of it. Ahem. The details: Fabric used was a lot of Lucky Penny by Alison Glass, released by Andover Fabrics. There’s a wee bit of Robert Kaufman Kona Solids in there, too. Not {Read More}

How To Make a Memory Quilt With Family Photos (story & how-to-ish)

For my parents’ 35th anniversary, I wanted to something special. Various reasons such as being about 600 miles from them kept me from doing something in person. So when I saw a quilt at the Northwest Quilt Expo that heavily featured family photographs, I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do. I had two weeks before the actual anniversary day, so I got crackin’ immediately. First things first, I made a sketch. And then, using many sheets of {Read More}

Quilt Square, Again – Dailies No. 72

Quilt Square, Again Dailies No. 72

Make Your Own Hexagon Quilt Starter Kit

Hopefully my last post about hexagons got you all fired up to make some of your own. And, as promised, here is the collection of the things I’ve found most useful in the making of hexagons. Everything you need to know to start sewing your own hexies. The tutorial I found most helpful was by Badskirt. It’s a downloadable .pdf with absolutely everything you need to know to get started, all illustrated step by step. It just made perfect sense {Read More}

An Introduction to Hexagon Madness

When I tell people I’ve been making hexagons, they look at me like I’m insane. Then I explain what hexagons are, because telling people you’ve been making hexagons nonstop does sound crazy. Then they look at me like, why? I generally take this as a sign that I am creating on the right track. I’ve been at it since March 2013. I even decked out a pair of Tom’s that needed a facelift. It should have an actual medical name, {Read More}