Wondering what to draw next?

1000 Things to Draw is here to help! It’s a drawing idea generator dreamed up by Amy of Pikaland. Think of it as a random number generator for your creative side. Naturally, you could take these random pairings and create any number of things from them. (The spark of a story, a pattern, a song…whatever it is you make.) It definitely succeeds in helping to spark your brain in strange new directions. Be forewarned: it is not for those who {Read More}

5 Crafts to Make With Buttons

Ahhhh, buttons. Currency of the craft drawer. They’re among the most coveted and hoarded of odds and ends, at least around here. When you’re ready to show off a few choice specimens, here’s a few crafts that are worthy of your favorites. 1. These Fruity Button Napkins by Martha Stewart Living are so cute. What a nice (and fast!) way to spruce up some boring old cloth napkins. 2. Bugs and Fishes has a cute idea to spruce up plain {Read More}

10 Fun StumbleUpon finds

I find StumbleUpon very addictive. True, I may have started using it because some thread in the Etsy forums said it was good marketing (Uh, it isn’t.), but I kept using it as my own bizarre bookmarking service. (Oh, and if you are similarly addicted, here’s my profile. Let’s be friends, or followers, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.) Here’s 10 of the best things I’ve seen with it lately: 1. The Emerson House…aka the most stylish {Read More}

5 Useful Things to Make for Babies

Sheesh, babies. Is that all anyone can talk about around here? Alas yes, pretty much. (Today marks 35 weeks. Eeep.) Babies apparently need a tremendous amount of stuff, much of it horrifically expensive. However, you can make some of it yourself (or as a gift). This gives one a wonderful sensation of “sticking it to the man”. One does not get to feel that very much when one is pregnant, let one tell you. Bibs You’d be amazed at how {Read More}

5 Must Have Etsy Apps

I like Etsy very, very much. However, there are a few little gaps that 3rd party developers have stepped up to fill, for which I am eternally grateful. Here are five of my very favorite, can’t live without, as essential as coffee Etsy applications. Statsy Yes, you know Statsy. Everyone knows Statsy, right? With good reason! Statsy will notify you if you’re on the front page. Statsy can schedule out your renewals for you. Statsy can tell you how far {Read More}

10 Fast and Easy Handmade Gift Tutorials

You need gifts. What you have is craft supplies. No problem! The internet to the rescue, again! Make your own scented bath salts, courtesy of this Instructible by Belsey. For the brown-bagger in your life, why not try making this adorable lunch bag? Variations abound at The Long Thread’s site, as well as a free downloadable pattern. Speaking of portable, um, food: An Altoids tin martini kit. Brilliant. Thank you, Spookylean! This mini sailor’s scarf is adorable! And with a {Read More}

10 Great Embroidery Project Tutorials

Man, do I love embroidery. It’s not that I’m particularly *ahem* skilled at it. There’s just something fantastic about taking a bland object, a few hours, and some gorgeously colored thread and making something wonderful. That said, I can’t always think of what to embroider next. Other crafters to the rescue! Here are 10 of my favorite embroidery tutorials from around the internets. 1. For learning the basics, The Purl Bee has wonderful step by step tutorials. (photo by Aimee {Read More}