Phineas Chickenpants & Mr. Pickles – Fan Art Friday

I love this photo by Dreaming Magpie. It’s titled “Mr. Pickles and Phineas Chickenpants”. There’s something extremely sweet and real about it, don’t you think?

Fan Art Friday – A Chickenpants Family

I love seeing photos of your Chickenpants broods all together! Like these ones by Nicole Basilone. Nicole is a talented maker of cute stuff, by the way. You can check out her work at Next Stop Willow Bee. “What was that sound?” Link investigates first. He’s the brave one. It’s a new friend! Ron Swansonpants has joined the brood. And here is her Chickenpants family all together. Aren’t they a good looking flock?

Fan Art Friday – Elsa Hart!

Chickenpants + quilts = oh my my. I love modern quilting and fabric, so when these photos showed up by Elsa Hart, I just swooned. Ms. Hart is the president of the PMQG, which means Emme Bunnypants will have many quilty adventures. Lucky! She even made a little improv-pieced sleeping bag for her. Clever! (Improv piecing is my very favorite kind of quilting!) Bunny! Pants! She recently brought Tony Bearpants home. Emme needed a boyfriend. Thank you Elsa for sharing {Read More}

Fan Art Friday – Kittypinkstars!

I’ve been an admirer of Kittypinkstars’ unique plush designs for years, so it was extremely flattering when she adopted one of my Chickenpants. Here’s a small example of some of the things she makes. Then, she started taking tons of wonderful photos with him, which just made me super happy. For instance, she photographed him with her ACTUAL CHICKENS! You guys have no idea how thrilling I find it when a Chickenpants gets near actual chickens. Plus, she lives in {Read More}

Fan Friday – Chickenpants Snow Day!

I know, I know. It’s almost spring! Or at least, it should be! However, these photos are too cute not to share. All these photos were taken by June Beffa. “Hey, look! We made a snow chicken!” George Solopants claims: “That’s nothing. Look what I made…and ALL BY MYSELF.” Naturally, someone starts a snowball fight. (George.) George Chickenpants has to take a break from the madness he’s created. “They’ll never find me out here.” After a hard day of playing {Read More}

Fan Art Friday! The cards are starting to arrive!

So, as I *may* have mentioned, I am handwriting roughly a bazillion cards, one to say thank you to everyone who has supported my business in this last year. I mailed off the international ones about a week ago, and it looks like they are already arriving: These photos are both by Astrosnik. US Postcards ship out Monday! Customer Appreciation Day is March 27th…next Friday!

Fan Friday – A stamp!

I was treated to a box of goodies from Brian of The Sweet Bunny Project. A box! In the mail! Who does that? Awesome people, that’s who. Inside were wonderful high quality prints of the carvings he makes (you should get one! Maybe two!), bookmarks, vegan chocolate!, and a stamp with my logo! So rad. Clearly, I need to start putting my logo on more stuff. Expect packages from me to be much snazzier in the future! Thank you, Brian {Read More}

Fan Friday – My Favorite One

This one came to me back in 2008, but it’s still my favorite. A little lady named Matilda sent it to me: I especially like the attention to detail here- an outlet to plug in the guitar. A tiny tattoo on the drummer. Eyelashes on the tambourine shaking lady. I fully expect that Miss Matilda is making amazing works of art now. Thanks again, Matilda!

Fan Art Friday – Chickenpants Titanic

Today’s post comes courtesy of Monica Wu and Rob Gaunt. Monica and Rob do all sorts of awesome things, like take a Chickenpants to Salvation Mountain. (Which is somewhere I am dying to go! Bonus points, always, for taking Chickenpants to art installations that are on my very long list of places to go.) They also customized a Finn Chickenpants thusly: The beard! Genius! And finally, here is the major motion picture, Chickenpants Titanic:

Fan Art Friday – Piginpants Unboxing!

Today’s Fan Art Friday is by super fan Brian D, the artist behind The Sweet Bunny Project. He posted unboxing photos! With captions! He gave one of the first Piginpants to EARTH Animal Sanctuary. All photos and captions are his. And now, the unboxing: “The seal has been broken… so it begins.” “Chickenpants swag… it’s like the cherry on your sundae.” “The suspense… the tension… what’s inside and can we handle its goodness?” “The detail… the pigmanship is outstanding!” “The {Read More}