TOPANGA! (the art quilt)

I don’t know what to tell you about this one, except that it turns out that I am a crazy dog lady. This one is TOPANGA! in case it wasn’t obvious already. She was quite a canine. She was my muse for a long time. I took literally thousands of photos of her, and made many drawings and plushies and what not. And I wasn’t the only one. She was special. This art quilt took me about three months to {Read More}

Gladys – Dailies #34

Gladys – Dailies #34 Cotton applique and embroidery on cotton I’m pretty sure Gladys knows the Dewey Decimal System by heart, you guys. And makes a mean cobbler. And probably puts up pickles every year. And knows the ways of making fluffy biscuits. I totally want to go over to Gladys’ house to eat now.

Went to the fair – Dailies #33

Went to the fair – Dailies #33 Cotton applique on cotton Guess what I did today!

Stuart’s Affirmation – Dailies #32

Stuart Smalley’s Affirmation – Dailies #32 Cotton applique on cotton “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” It occurred to me after I made this that there is a whole generation of people who will not get this. Well, for those of you not in the loop, once upon a time, a long time ago, before there were new fangled internet memes, people still had the need to repeat hilarious things they had heard someone {Read More}

Hoo Boy – Dailies #31

Hoo Boy – Dailies #31 Cotton applique on cotton. And on this rather average note, we mark one whole month of daily fabric art pieces. Woo hoo!

Twice as much space and half as many things – Dailies #30

I need twice as much space and half as many things – Dailies #30 Cotton applique on cotton. This is actually a lyric from a song by A Band of Bees (apparently now known as simply “The Bees”, but I like their long name better.) called “These are the Ghosts”. I really like the album it’s on (it has Chicken Payback, after all!), but this lyric in particular has always stuck in my head. Fun side note! I made a {Read More}

Yowza – Dailies #29

Yowza – Dailies #29 Cotton applique on weird suiting material of unknown fiber content (found in a scrap bag). Yowza. Think of it said in a British accent. By this guy:

Ceci n’est pas une…quilt – Dailies #28

Ceci n’est pas une quilt – Dailies #28 Cotton applique on cotton. No, really, it’s not. Not on any level. Ha. Art humor. Sort of. Magritte humor- topical and cutting edge!

Surprise! – Dailies #27

Surprise! – Dailies #27 Cotton on cotton on cotton applique. On cotton. Pop! Surprise! This pug is just as surprised as you are!

Oh Poopie – Dailies #26

Oh Poopie – Dailies # 26. Cotton applique on cotton. I was thinking a lot about Mystery Science Theater today, and this was the quickest catch phrase I could think up to make. (I was extremely pressed for time. This was one of those days where the Daily only got made after Miss Olive was asleep, which is to say very late, and I was exhausted.)