Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness

After months of working on this embroidery (blame my female weakness. And the fact that embroidering all those tiny lines was TE.DE.IOUS.), I am happy to finally share with you “Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness” ! What was Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness, you may ask? AN ACTUAL PRODUCT, way back when. I found it in a Sears catalog from the turn of the century. No, the one before that. Behold the description, straight from said catalog (the {Read More}

Squirrels, Woodpeckers, and Treasury HTML-ing Tools

I started this post because I was dying to try out the Etsy Treasury HTML Code Generator made by Whale Shark Websites. (And detailed on the Handmadeology blog. Thank you, Handmadeology!) “Aha!” I thought “What a nice idea for a quick blog post. Surely this will put me back on the path to blogging every single day!” As is my habit, however, I blew this project all out of proportion, and now it’s this monster post. Hi! Okay. So. What {Read More}

3 Steps to Prepare Your Etsy Shop for 2011

2011 is almost upon us. Some of you have been planning how to kick 2011’s butt for months now. However, it’s not too late for the rest of us to get our acts together for the coming year! (And as usual “Etsy” is working as shorthand here for Artfire, DaWanda, etc etc etc.) 1. Get your goals together! Last year, I put up a 3 part blog series called “How to Make 2010 the Best Year Ever”. It included project {Read More}

The Etsy Goal Spreadsheet for 2011

The last two years on my other blog, I’ve given away Etsy Goal Spreadsheets for that year. Keeping an Etsy Goal Spreadsheet remains one of the best things I’ve ever done for my little business. I’ve heard great things from others who have started using it, too. Naturally, we’ve got to keep that going! I’ve been using it for two years now. It’s given me clarity on how much I’ve been selling week by week. I can see on what {Read More}

5 Must Have Etsy Apps

I like Etsy very, very much. However, there are a few little gaps that 3rd party developers have stepped up to fill, for which I am eternally grateful. Here are five of my very favorite, can’t live without, as essential as coffee Etsy applications. Statsy Yes, you know Statsy. Everyone knows Statsy, right? With good reason! Statsy will notify you if you’re on the front page. Statsy can schedule out your renewals for you. Statsy can tell you how far {Read More}

The Road to 500 Giveaway!

I am approaching a very exciting milestone in my Etsy shop, and of course I need to blab about it. 500 sales, baby. (And it’s only taken me…um…almost four years!) In the grand tradition of internet accomplishments, I’m celebrating this one with a giveaway. I’ll be giving away a Chickenpants gift pack: One Chickenpants, one carrier pouch, and one hat & scarf set. Even better? You get to choose which ones you want. Yes, there will be a tiny bit {Read More}

10 Favorite Etsy Shops for Grown-ups

Egads. Grown-ups. I used to hate the term grown-ups. Now I find myself skittering uncontrollably towards the gated community that is being a grown-up. (Baby on the way, mortgage to pay, etc.) But I refuse to go quietly (or with dignity) into that beige night! Grown-ups have serious responsibilities, and therefore need seriously fun gifts. So here’s a list of 10 of my very favorite Etsy shops, guaranteed* to delight even the most grown of grown-ups. 1. Fusion Sweets When {Read More}

10 Wonderful Etsy Shops for Kids

I never had much interest in finding cute kid merchandise, but oh, about 7 months ago something changed. Since then, I’ve been scouring Etsy, and finding new and exciting ways to spend money. (I’m, uh…nesting!) Here’s a few of my favorites for babies and kids. Click on any image to be taken to the Etsy shop, and see it larger. 1. Every nursery or kid’s room needs art. Bad Bird has long been one of my Etsy favorites. These prints {Read More}

Putting on an Etsy Sale

It’s been a really long time since I’ve put on any sort of Etsy sale, mostly because it’s so darn inconvenient. My shop usually hovers between 150-200 items, so going through and editing each listing (and then editing them back) is really NOT an option. Or I could tell people to check out like normal, and then wait for a revised invoice…yeah. Shockingly, that doesn’t go well, either. But then. Etsy on Sale came along, and changed everything. For those {Read More}