New! Yorkie! Embroidery! Pattern!

Sorry, I’m a little excited. This is the first pattern I’ve made in a long time. And it’s finally done! Yay! I wanted to create something fun and simple to embroider, and I think this fits the bill pretty well. Especially if you like Yorkshire Terriers. This is the first time I’ve put a floss color / stitch recommendation guide in one of my patterns. Do you like having those things when you buy a pattern? (Personally, I usually don’t {Read More}

5 Lessons learned from an embroidery floss stash

While at a thrift shop this weekend, I found the score of a lifetime. Well, if you’re into embroidery floss, that is. And I am. (Are you?) Two large bags, full to the brim with hundreds of colors of embroidery floss. I immediately grabbed them and hugged them to my chest. Smiles for hours afterwards. Happy dance. All that. Turning two giant bags of embroidery floss into part of my collection was a herculean task. And while I sat at {Read More}

Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness

After months of working on this embroidery (blame my female weakness. And the fact that embroidering all those tiny lines was TE.DE.IOUS.), I am happy to finally share with you “Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness” ! What was Brown’s Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness, you may ask? AN ACTUAL PRODUCT, way back when. I found it in a Sears catalog from the turn of the century. No, the one before that. Behold the description, straight from said catalog (the {Read More}


While I was searching for something in the library catalog, a book about crazy quilting showed up as a recommendation. I requested it on a whim. I’m in between things right now, so I am more or less all about whims. This whim turned out to be a good one. The book inspired the pants off of me, and I got right to work. Here, at last! was a way to use those fancy embroidery stitches I so admired but {Read More}

False starts and stops

The simple thing to do would be to say, “Hey, you guys! I made a thing!” and to flash some pictures at you, like so: But you all know that I’m not one to do the simple thing and leave a short story alone. I’ve got so much backstory on this. I’ve got hopes, dreams and philosophies stitched into this thing. Whatever it is. (Textile art? Embroidery? Applique? Fabric collage? Oversized overfancy coaster?) But I can’t get the words to {Read More}

Clover Embroidery Hoop Review

***Let me start by saying that this review was totally done on my own dime. I was sponsored by no one. (However, if you’d like to have me review something, by all means email me!)*** Okay, the Clover Embroidery Hoop. I am a huge fan of all things Clover. Blame my Japanophile tendencies. I’ve been checking out the Clover embroidery hoop for awhile now, picking it up and putting it back. As far as embroidery hoops go, it’s very spendy. {Read More}

In Which I Sort of Attempt to Cross Stitch

I like podcasts. I usually listen to them while I work on plushies, or when I’m driving. During a not so recent episode of JJGO, Jesse said something that really stuck with me. It was the sort of thing that should be embroidered, framed, and stuck on a wall. Here’s what he said: “Legs of two, good for you. Legs of eight, deserves to die.” Perhaps I should back up and tell you that this is his campaign slogan for {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Embroidery Companion

Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living I’ve been a fan of Ms. Paulson’s adorable blog for years. (How could I not? Corgis! Crafts! Cakes!) So I was thrilled to see that she had a new book out, and about one of my favorite topics, no less. The photography is simply gorgeous, and the pages are a lovely weight. Seriously. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll notice that this book just feels dreamy to hold. It is, quite {Read More}

10 Great Embroidery Project Tutorials

Man, do I love embroidery. It’s not that I’m particularly *ahem* skilled at it. There’s just something fantastic about taking a bland object, a few hours, and some gorgeously colored thread and making something wonderful. That said, I can’t always think of what to embroider next. Other crafters to the rescue! Here are 10 of my favorite embroidery tutorials from around the internets. 1. For learning the basics, The Purl Bee has wonderful step by step tutorials. (photo by Aimee {Read More}