New Paper Piginpants!

Now is an excellent time to be on our Chickenpants Digest list. Because in the very next email (which will be sent out tomorrow!), there is a brand new Paper Piginpants with your name on it! Well, Kevin is the name on it actually, but you know. You can have one of your very own to print out. How does one get on this awesome list of awesomeness? It’s super easy. Pop your email in the box in the upper {Read More}

Gold Star! – Dailies #52 – Free downloads inside!

Click on image to see it larger and read more… Gold Star! Dailies #52 This piece is actually inspired by something someone on Instagram said in reply to a previous daily. (Hello, Skeins!) It got me thinking about how gold stars were so very, very motivating when I was but a pup. You mean if I do this chore I’ll get a sticker on my chart? AWESOME! I will do 10 chores! Nobody’s handing out gold stars to grownups, which {Read More}