In praise of the wonky noggin

I am a recovering raging perfectionist. I like things to line up in the way I see fit, all the time. I nit pick. It’s extremely annoying. So why on earth do I let things like this be? Chickenpants in Space 2010 (CP #46) I have a weird exception when it comes to fabric. I like to let mistakes inform the design. I like to let the fabric tell me what to do. In short, I like to let go {Read More}

18 tips for getting your creative work done with small kids who refuse to take naps

I’ve head of babies who take two hour naps, play happily in pack and plays, and entertain themselves. However, I have yet to actually meet one. Let’s just say that my kid did not fall into that category. As an obsessive manic creative person, I had to come up with strategies to keep getting creative work done. Not creating stuff is simply not an option for me. I am a much more unpleasant person (and worse mother) if I don’t {Read More}

3 Lessons Learned from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar

When I was visiting family in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to see Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, which is now pretty much my favorite art installation, ever. (And the award for most commas in a run-on sentence goes to…) For a while, I just wandered around with my mouth hanging open, snapping photo after photo after photo. Finally, after several laps, I was able to slow down and notice details. I’ve been thinking about what I saw ever since. Here are {Read More}

5 Lessons learned from an embroidery floss stash

While at a thrift shop this weekend, I found the score of a lifetime. Well, if you’re into embroidery floss, that is. And I am. (Are you?) Two large bags, full to the brim with hundreds of colors of embroidery floss. I immediately grabbed them and hugged them to my chest. Smiles for hours afterwards. Happy dance. All that. Turning two giant bags of embroidery floss into part of my collection was a herculean task. And while I sat at {Read More}

Celebrating Getting Things Done – with a downloadable zine!

I am one of those people that constantly has a to-do list the length of my arm. I frantically rush through the day, trying to get things done. At the end of the day, I look back at the to-do list, with so many things still left to do, and sigh. It’s not a good feeling. And then it starts up again the next day- yesterday’s unfinished tasks competing with the things that urgently need to get done today. I’m {Read More}

Ode to tiresome projects

I hate unfinished projects. Don’t get me wrong: I love making stuff, and I (mostly) love the process of the making. However. Those projects that drag on…and on…and on…the ones you have to just chip away at…FOREVER. Those projects. I hate them. I try to avoid them. I believe that they take up valuable energy and space, and mostly they just need to be chucked. But sometimes, they cannot be chucked. You simply must keep chipping away. It becomes a {Read More}

The problem with waiting

I’ve been waiting to write anything on this blog because I’m in between things. I don’t have a huge focused picture. I don’t have a dialed in topic. (So how can one stay on topic when there is no one topic to stick to?) Worse, I’ve been having a hard time with the articulating ideas into words doing lately. But today it struck me: stop waiting for things to be perfect and totally defined. It is by doing (and yes, {Read More}

A quick peek inside the crafty life of…me, actually.

I’ve been working like a plush making machine over here, readying all new creatures for Craftland. (Hence the lack of new Chickenpants lately.) Here’s a peek: I shot the video with my new phone, so the formatting is a little weird. Anyway, there it is. Hopefully the next one will be bigger. (Er, if I even should do a next one. We’ll see!)

Maker Faire 2011 Recap

Maker Faire San Mateo 2011 was wonderful! I’m positively infused with inspiration and a sunburn. This was my first year attending as a free, non-table bound person. It was so weird for me to not be vending! Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. And I sort of missed having a table I could duck behind when things got overwhelming. (Which happened at about 12:57 pm. I overwhelm easily.) This is one heck of a link-heavy post, so {Read More}

10 Fantastic Creativity Quotes

1. While most people in the arts think they have to be constantly looking forward to be edgy and creative….the real secret of creativity is to go back and remember. -Twyla Tharp 2. Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. -Rita Mae Brown 3. Anyone can do anything with a million dollars. Look at Disney. But it takes more than money to make something out of nothing, and look at the fun I {Read More}