I’ve always been drawn to scrap quilts, ever since reading a library book about a grandmother and granddaughter making one out of old clothes when I was a little girl. Something about that stuck with me in a big way. Since then, I’ve had my head turned by many amazing, perfectly on point quilts. Quilts made out of only one fabric line, quilts made out of all new fabric, quilts that must be done a certain way OR ELSE. Those {Read More}

A peek inside the Chickenpants Bakery

**Here’s another post, saved from the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15. I first published this post a few years back, when I still had the glorious Chickenpants Bakery set up. Sadly, the Chickenpants Bakery is no more. This post is ALL THAT REMAINS. And okay, yeah, all the parts remain, mostly in boxes and shuffled around to other parts of my home. I do miss that bakery, though. In any case, here is the original post:** As many of you {Read More}

Wonder Woman Chickenpants!

(Okay, so I am posting the Chickenpants to the blog now. I want to keep a record of all the ones I create, and they often fly out of here so fast that I worry about their being forgotten. Which is a wonderful problem to have, by the way. Thank you!) At last, a chicken heroine for truth, justice, etc etc. Someone has to protect all those Chickenpants from super villains and whatnot. She comes complete with a Lasso of {Read More}

Free Wallpaper featuring Frida Kahlopants & Diego Riverapants!

**Here is yet another thing snatched from the jaws of the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15. Too cute to let disappear forever. Enjoy!** I made a wallpaper! Featuring Frida Kahlopants & Diego Riverapants! Two creative, uh, chicks to inspire you while you work. Or browse Pinterest. No judgement. Simply Ctrl click/Right click for the full size image. (1200×800) Enjoy!

A Brand New Chickenpants Stop Motion Short!

I am so excited to be able to share this with you! For the first time in years, there’s a new Chickenpants stop motion! It’s called: The Care and Feeding of Chickenpants. All the adorable miniature food that you see is made by Killer Sprinkles. Her adorable mini creations were the inspiration for this short. She very generously sent them to me, so I guess that makes this a sponsored post? I don’t know (or care), it was (creative, material {Read More}

Mug Shots

As I have mentioned endlessly already, I released a batch of Chickenpants Babies (and friends!) into the shop recently. What I didn’t mention was the strangely…moody quality some of the photos I took have. For instance: So sad. It’s like he just. can’t. even. Or how about this little cup of emo? Cue the Charlie Brown Sad Walk music. They’re like the before pictures in antidepressant ads! Thank goodness for Photoshop, right? Who knew it could erase plush sadness.

The first ever Chickenpants Customer Appreciation Day of Awesomeness is here!

Today is that day! And what exactly does that mean? WELL. I really wanted to create a way to say thank you to everyone who has supported my shop this last year. But any one thing I thought of didn’t seem like quite enough, so I combined them all. Here goes: 1. I have mailed handwritten thank you notes to everyone who purchased something from me in the past year. Hopefully yours has already arrived! (If for some reason it {Read More}

Miniature Apron Tutorial

**Here is a post saved from DESTRUCTION (or if not destruction, getting-lost-ness) in the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15. Too cute to be forgotten. Enjoy!** I have an upcoming photo story involving a baker, and I needed an apron. Perhaps you need a tiny apron for the Chickenpants in your life. Or Blythe, or Lando Calrissian 12″ figure. It turns out this one apron can fit them ALL! (So, like pretty much everything Chickenpants, it’s kind of 1:6 scale.) Here’s {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 20

This week I am actually not in the studio, but in the desert. On vacation. On purpose. However, thanks to the miracle of writing things ahead of time, I can share with you this: the making of Chickenpants. I feel like we need some kind of silly logo. There we go. So, many Chickenpants start with a sketch, which I have managed to not include here. We are off to a great start! (Hence the sort of.) But I get {Read More}

Can we talk about Ron Swansonpants?

You GUYS. I have made Ron Swanson into a Chickenpants. It all started when I pulled some mustache print fabric out of my stash. And quickly snowballed from there. I didn’t make just one Ron Swansonpants. I made three. I just kept finding perfect fabric for him. I couldn’t stop! Mustache print. Wood grain. And fine Pendleton flannel. It was meant to be. They all share the same belt, which features evergreen trees. Normally, I photograph the Chickenpants next to {Read More}