Library Book Review* – Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston

I recently received a total treasure in the form of a big stack of quilting and fabric art books. Most of them are a little older, but still relevant and fascinating. For instance, Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston It hails from yonder days of 1996, practically a lifetime ago. OH, for simpler times, when only some of us carried pagers and the ubiquitous internet was but a pipe dream of lonely nerds posting to message boards. Message boards! And remember {Read More}

Book Review – Pom-Poms! by Sarah Goldschadt and Lexi Walters Wright

Ever since I could glue them together and stick googly eyes on them, I have loved pom poms. I’ve used them a lot in my plushies over the years (although I’ve moved far, far away from prepackaged ones and googly eyes). So I was very excited to check out the new book Pom-Poms! 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects by Sarah Goldschadt and Lexi Walters Wright. (Quirk Books generously sent me a copy to check out. What’s up, sponsored post!) Pom-Poms! is {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Microcrafts – Tiny Treasures to Make and Share

The good people of Quirk Books contacted me, asking if I would like to review Microcrafts, one of their latest crafty books. A book devoted to making itty bitty crafts? Oh yes, I would. Microcrafts – Tiny Treasures to Make and Share features 25 projects by 17 different authors. (For ease of looking it up, it is compiled by Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, and Katie Hatz.) In other words, there is a wide variety to the projects. Everything from tiny {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule

Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures I recently* picked up a copy of Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama fame. This book is a total delight! I loved that this book focused on reusing fabric. There were several projects that called for used clothing, which is a really neat way to preserve memories, I think. (I know I’ll be saving and crafting with some of my baby’s finest.) This book really opened {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Perfectly Fitted

I snagged Perfectly Fitted by Lynne Garner from the local library recently. The tagline is “Creating personalized patterns for a limitless wardrobe”. Sounds brilliant! Truth be told, I had some illusions about having enough time to actually make some patterns from the book. Alas, that did not actually happen. (4 month olds don’t exactly leave one a whole lot of sewing time, alas. Or reading time. Or sleeping time.) HOWEVER! This book is awesome, and is going straight to the {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter

Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers Many, many, many years ago, I came across a Lotta Jansdotter book in Japan. I was instantly smitten with her simple, striking designs. Now, many many many years later, it’s easy to come by her textiles and hooray! her books. With a little one on the way, I knew I had to have her Simple Sewing for Baby. I really resonated with her introduction. Here was a {Read More}

Library Book Review – The Pioneer Woman Cooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl Y’all. Can I refer to you as “y’all”? After reading this book, it feels appropriate. *ahem* Y’all, as a card carrying, long term (18 + years…ouch!) vegetarian, I have to admit…I love this book. Yes, it is mostly meaty recipes. Yes, I can cook basically nothing in here. But if you buy into the line that cookbooks are basically fairy tales for grownups, you might just love this cookbook, too. {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Sewing Bits and Pieces

Wiley Publishers Sewing Bits & Pieces I think I’ve mentioned before my affinity for using up tiny scraps of fabric. That’s why I was so excited to find Sandi Henderson’s book Sewing Bits and Pieces. It shows you some truly interesting ways to use up gorgeous fabric scraps. Because sometimes a fat quarter is just a distant memory. The directions are easy to follow, and are accompanied by plenty of clear illustrations. The projects range from enhancing existing things (tablecloths, {Read More}

Library Book Review – Ignore Everybody

Ignore Everybody! And 39 other KEYS TO CREATIVITY! Why, I like ignoring people! And being more creative! Look, there’s even a sketch of a guy with an axe on the cover. Naturally, I picked this book up. I found this tiny tome sitting on the New Releases shelf of my local library during a recent-ish run. (Yeah, it was released in 2009. And it’s nearly 2011. No matter.) The book is divided into 40 tiny chapters. Each one is only {Read More}

Crafty Book Review – Creating a Meaningful Home

Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories, and Celebrate Family Heritage Okay, first of all: the photos will make you swoon. This book is simply gorgeous. The design is sleek and modern. (Should we expect anything else from Ms. Mateo Ilasco?) Each project is prefaced by a quick essay about the background of the artist who made said project. It’s interesting to learn about the person who came up with the piece. Each essay is {Read More}