Playing with button mosaics

I love the idea of mosaics made from buttons and beads. Of using everyday materials to create something that could be both art and kitschy hilarity. It started slowly: an art project for Miss Olive. We glommed glue onto a wood piece, and then pressed in rhinestones one by one. Fun! Messy! Bonus, it kind of looks like cake! It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it: quick and loose and not trying very hard. This {Read More}

Make your very own Finn hat for a Chickenpants Baby! Free Downloadable Pattern.

One of the best things about Chickenpants is making accessories for them. Since I recently released the Chickenpants Babies pattern, I thought it would be fun to give you a free accessory pattern just for the CP Babies- the Finn hat. Finn hats are very easy to make, and they require only a few things that you probably already have around the house. What time is it? Tiny hat making time! Here’s what you’ll need: -about 5″x2″ of white felt {Read More}

Tutorial: No-Sew Animal Badges or Hair Clips

This project is so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t make this one first. Turn the Animal Badge patterns into actual badges. It is SO quick and easy. Best part: no sewing required! (There are a few places where stitching is optional- read on.) You can easily make these into pin back badges or hair clips, depending on what you fasten to the back. You will need : Animal Badges pattern 3.5″ square of cotton for badge 3.5″ square of {Read More}

Easy toy quilt tutorial

Okay, calling this thing a quilt is a stretch. Or possibly an insult to quilters everywhere. But! It does make a fantastic baby toy. I whipped this up in a hurry one day when I was in need of quiet baby toys. Olive’s got a thing for scrunching up textiles. (hooray!) My goal with this was to make something with a variety of textures for her to enjoy. Here’s what you need: 3 – 4.5″ x 12″ (11.4 cm x {Read More}

The most effective baby toy ever – Tutorial!

Behold, the best baby toy ever. At least, that’s what Olive thinks. This little toy has bought me all sorts of quiet time. Dude, she is playing with it right now as I write this post. As someone who has long considered herself a toymaker, I have mixed feelings about this toy. On the one hand, it works! The baby likes it! Isn’t that what it’s all about? On the other hand, boy, is it ugly. In any case, I’ll {Read More}

How to fix a slipping bra strap

Call me a prude, but I really can’t stand it when my bra strap starts to wander, letting the world know just what color and condition said bra is in. (Answer: generally not great.) It drives me nuts. I don’t want to have to constantly be adjusting and digging around. It’s just not…dignified. Fortunately for me, the solution to the problem is really simple. All you need to fix your shoulder-centric wardrobe malfunctions is: Ribbon 1/4″ (7 mm) wide two {Read More}

How to Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet

Once you’ve crossed into the territory of making snuggies for your Blythes, a hooded capelet isn’t that much of a stretch. And it’s not that much more difficult, either. You will need: The Pattern Fabric for the top Fabric for the lining 18″ (45.7 cm) thin ribbon (I like 3mm, personally) Needle & Thread, or a sewing machine Scissors Download The Pattern Here! Piece 1 Piece 2 Cut out the pattern pieces, and then cut out: 2 hood pieces from {Read More}

Crafty Kitchen – The End of Nothing To Eat

***Special note! It’s not too late to enter the Road to 500 Giveaway!*** We have all been there. Some of us pretty much live there. “There” being the dreaded 5 pm “what are we going to eat for dinner” pang. Try as I might to plan meals, things happen. Ingredients that should have been bought fall through the cracks. Sometimes, it’s as simple as nothing sounding good. But something struck me the other day (no, not a box of cereal {Read More}

10 Fast and Easy Handmade Gift Tutorials

You need gifts. What you have is craft supplies. No problem! The internet to the rescue, again! Make your own scented bath salts, courtesy of this Instructible by Belsey. For the brown-bagger in your life, why not try making this adorable lunch bag? Variations abound at The Long Thread’s site, as well as a free downloadable pattern. Speaking of portable, um, food: An Altoids tin martini kit. Brilliant. Thank you, Spookylean! This mini sailor’s scarf is adorable! And with a {Read More}

How to Make Coasters

I don’t know what happens in our house, but I can never find a coaster when I need one. (Which is pretty much all the time.) It’s not from lack of trying. We bought a passel of lovely ones from Handmade Julz at a previous Renegade. However, with a massive amount of relatives set to show up soon, I decided now was the time to start making my own coasters. These are so fast and easy to make. Plus, they’re {Read More}