A peek inside the Chickenpants Bakery

**Here’s another post, saved from the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15. I first published this post a few years back, when I still had the glorious Chickenpants Bakery set up. Sadly, the Chickenpants Bakery is no more. This post is ALL THAT REMAINS. And okay, yeah, all the parts remain, mostly in boxes and shuffled around to other parts of my home. I do miss that bakery, though. In any case, here is the original post:** As many of you {Read More}

Wonder Woman Chickenpants!

(Okay, so I am posting the Chickenpants to the blog now. I want to keep a record of all the ones I create, and they often fly out of here so fast that I worry about their being forgotten. Which is a wonderful problem to have, by the way. Thank you!) At last, a chicken heroine for truth, justice, etc etc. Someone has to protect all those Chickenpants from super villains and whatnot. She comes complete with a Lasso of {Read More}

Fan Art Friday – Elsa Hart!

Chickenpants + quilts = oh my my. I love modern quilting and fabric, so when these photos showed up by Elsa Hart, I just swooned. Ms. Hart is the president of the PMQG, which means Emme Bunnypants will have many quilty adventures. Lucky! She even made a little improv-pieced sleeping bag for her. Clever! (Improv piecing is my very favorite kind of quilting!) Bunny! Pants! She recently brought Tony Bearpants home. Emme needed a boyfriend. Thank you Elsa for sharing {Read More}

In which I dip my toe into the world of printed photo books…

One of my goals for 2015 is to tame the mess of unprinted digital photos that is currently swimming around in my various devices. It’s…kind of a tall order. And honestly, I’ve been rather slacking on it. So, when the folks at Mosaic offered me one of their photo books to test out, I was happy to give it a go. (In other words: they sent me a free thing. I liked it. I decided to write about it. Here {Read More}

Prints are back! And they brought friends!

I just opened up a place for prints of my work. It’s society6.com/chickenpants, and you can also get to it by the “prints” tab under the banner. The really fun thing is that you can also make things like throw pillows, wall tapestries, mugs, etc etc etc with your prints. So, there are some of those available, too. If you’d like to see a print of mine available in another format (or just a favorite that hasn’t been listed yet), {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 24

My creative process seems to go in very definite cycles through different media. It’s kind of like it moves from room to room, switching on and off lights as it goes. Very sharp contrasts. For awhile my creative energy will be all like “CHICKENPANTS ALL THE TIME! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR CHICKENPANTS!” or perhaps “MAKE ALL THE FABRIC ART!” or worst of all “LEAVE ME ALONE I HAVE NO IDEAS FOREVER DARKNESS SO SAD.” Fortunately, not too often {Read More}

Traveling Pants Tuesday- Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe

The whole reason I went to Santa Fe was because of this museum, Museum of International Folk Art. My family was happily ensconced in a business class hotel in Tucson. I love Tucson. I love being warm in March. It’s awesome. But instead of doing the easy, relaxing thing and staying put in one state, we drove 12.5 hours and went to Santa Fe. Because that is what we do. So, on glowing recommendations from various websites, the first thing {Read More}

Free Wallpaper featuring Frida Kahlopants & Diego Riverapants!

**Here is yet another thing snatched from the jaws of the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15. Too cute to let disappear forever. Enjoy!** I made a wallpaper! Featuring Frida Kahlopants & Diego Riverapants! Two creative, uh, chicks to inspire you while you work. Or browse Pinterest. No judgement. Simply Ctrl click/Right click for the full size image. (1200×800) Enjoy!

Fan Art Friday – Kittypinkstars!

I’ve been an admirer of Kittypinkstars’ unique plush designs for years, so it was extremely flattering when she adopted one of my Chickenpants. Here’s a small example of some of the things she makes. Then, she started taking tons of wonderful photos with him, which just made me super happy. For instance, she photographed him with her ACTUAL CHICKENS! You guys have no idea how thrilling I find it when a Chickenpants gets near actual chickens. Plus, she lives in {Read More}

A Brand New Chickenpants Stop Motion Short!

I am so excited to be able to share this with you! For the first time in years, there’s a new Chickenpants stop motion! It’s called: The Care and Feeding of Chickenpants. All the adorable miniature food that you see is made by Killer Sprinkles. Her adorable mini creations were the inspiration for this short. She very generously sent them to me, so I guess that makes this a sponsored post? I don’t know (or care), it was (creative, material {Read More}