Drawing rather a lot of bunnies – Work in progress Wednesday No. 31

This week has been all about the buns. I can’t seem to stop drawing them, despite my best efforts to settle down and draw some dogs. I’m trying to draw things I think might make fun embroidery patterns, but it turns out it’s hard to corral my impulses when drawing, especially at six in the morning. That’s apparently the time my brain says things like “Hey, what would Tom Baker look like as a bunny?” Oh well. Looks like it’s {Read More}

Dispatches from the idea storm – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 30

As alluded to in the last post, I’m in the middle of an idea storm. That means this week, I don’t actually have much to show you…unless you like messy desk action shots: There you go! Or how about a little of this: I’ve been furiously writing down and working out and refining ideas all week. It doesn’t make for terribly exciting photos, I’m afraid. What is an idea storm? I haven’t heard anyone else talk about them, at least {Read More}

Boston Terrier Art Quilt, Improv Piecing and More – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 29

This week, my attention is divided (isn’t it always?) between finishing up a Boston Terrier art quilt and an improv pieced string quilt I’m making for my grandmother. First, let’s deal with the Boston. All the art quilts start out with a fabric pull, naturally. You’ll notice mugs of tea in pretty much every shot. That’s because I work very early in the morning most of the time. (And the rest of the time, I am tired from waking up {Read More}

Behind the scenes of the Pomeranian Art Quilt – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 28

I’ve always been fascinated with Pomeranians. They are the happiest looking little dogs! They generally look like they’re just about to pop with enthusiasm. I really like that. I wish I was always about to pop from enthusiasm. Instead of anxiety or possibly eating too much. Enthusiasm is definitely the best thing to pop from. Anyway! To begin, I made a page of sketches: Then I picked out some fabrics and got them ready to fuse. And then, the fun/scary {Read More}

My experience with Konmari-ing my fabric stash and studio – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 27

The prospect of Konmari-ing the studio made me nervous, because it’s expensive to replace supplies, and sometimes impossible. A big part of my process is having a stash to work from, eliminating/minimizing the need to go to fabric stores/art supply shops in the middle of a project, breaking the flow and getting distracted. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it says this brilliant thing about how the right time to read a book is right when it comes to {Read More}

Some Thoughts on Konmari-ing From a Crafty, Sentimental Nut – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 26

I have Konmari’d almost my entire house. (Konmari, for those not yet in the know, is the technique described in

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 25

Things are moving along a little slowly this week. I have a sick kiddo in the house, and I’m trying to be gentle with myself, too, so I don’t catch the cold she’s got. Ironically, two of my Chickenpants this week are intended to be wearing bathrobes, ala this lady: I am also swimming in new ideas. While stranded on the couch, I am writing them down as fast as possible. Back to work! Er, the couch!

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 24

My creative process seems to go in very definite cycles through different media. It’s kind of like it moves from room to room, switching on and off lights as it goes. Very sharp contrasts. For awhile my creative energy will be all like “CHICKENPANTS ALL THE TIME! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR CHICKENPANTS!” or perhaps “MAKE ALL THE FABRIC ART!” or worst of all “LEAVE ME ALONE I HAVE NO IDEAS FOREVER DARKNESS SO SAD.” Fortunately, not too often {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 23 – Making a Short Stop Motion Film

This Wednesday finds me hunched over my computer, editing. It doesn’t make for the most fascinating photos. I’m making a short, semi-stop-motioned film-let, and that’s where most of the work actually happens. Right here: Hello, messy desk. So instead, here’s a peek at the fun part: actually shooting the stop motion. First, you must build a set. As you can see, this is a very basic affair. Foam core, colorful papers. Like everything in low budget film making, it’s not {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 22 – My Sketchbook, Early 2015 – with video!

This is the most Work in Progress-y thing I could possibly show you: the innards of my sketchbook. I’ve been keeping a sketchbook regularly for about 13 years. I really kicked it into high gear after reading Danny Gregory’s excellent book, The Creative License, which sounds like one of those rah! rah! you can be creative, you accountant you! books but is actually an awesome book about drawing regularly. Much recommend. My sketchbook is the closest thing to a diary {Read More}