Work in Progress Wednesday No. 22 – My Sketchbook, Early 2015 – with video!

This is the most Work in Progress-y thing I could possibly show you: the innards of my sketchbook. I’ve been keeping a sketchbook regularly for about 13 years. I really kicked it into high gear after reading Danny Gregory’s excellent book, The Creative License, which sounds like one of those rah! rah! you can be creative, you accountant you! books but is actually an awesome book about drawing regularly. Much recommend. My sketchbook is the closest thing to a diary {Read More}

A very long post to share a very small thing

When I tabled (not comics!) at the SF Zine Fest years back, I spoke with a comic artist about my fear of being bad at comics, and thus not bothering to draw them. I had heard (from an expert!), that it took about 500 pages of terrible, unusable work to begin to be slightly good. “Oh no,” the actual comic artist said. “No. More like just 50 pages.” He encouraged me to keep at it. 50 pages still sounded like {Read More}

Olive a day – Jan 7 – That’s why we call her “The Scrunch”

Olive a Day – Jan 6

This one I actually took some time with! (As opposed to how I normally draw these, which is half asleep and rushing furiously.) I drew first in pencil, came back over with a brush pen, and ERASED. Crazy. That is probably interesting to no one but me.

Olive a Day – Jan. 3rd 2013

January 3rd, 2013. And here’s the photographic evidence that we have a cleaner on our hands!

Poking my head out from hiding

…to show you one of the very, very few things I’ve been fiddling with. I try to do a little sketch of Olive every day, usually in the form of what she wore. It seems like a good way to capture what happened that day. I’m way off my routine since the move, but here’s the latest one: And here’s the source material: I’m not anywhere near happy with my sketches yet, but it’s still a good way to remember {Read More}

Oct. 28

October 28th was a very screamy, screamy day. I’m hoping this scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-because-you-didn’t-get-your-way phase doesn’t drag on forever. And here is a scan of the full sketchbook page. Look, Topanga made it in there! She used to be impossible to draw- always moving, even in her sleep. Not a problem anymore. That girl has got “still” down.

What She Wore – Oct. 26, 2012

My hands didn’t want to work tonight. I had to start this drawing over four times, which I almost never do. Also, I almost never scan & post something right after I draw it. I blame the coffee I had around 7 pm. That was a bad idea. Kind of like taking a fussy toddler all over town, all by myself.

Sketchbook page – October 5-7

(Click on the image to see it larger and actually be able to read it.) I’ve been fiddling around with keeping a visual daily diary in my sketchbook lately. Here’s a recent page, more or less at random. I don’t really know why I’m posting it, save for that I’m procrastinating on several other projects I don’t want to do. Um, so there. Important blog post!