The post I thought I already wrote…

Hello, everyone! I recently wrote a post over on my blog about how I’m putting the Chickenpants on Glorious Indefinite Hiatus. Because I’m moving, and some other stuff. But back to that moving: obviously, it’ll affect this blog, too. (And of course, it already has. Behold the lack of updates!) So anyway, I’ve got a few posts queued up and ready to go. This blog is NOT going on indefinite hiatus. Just a little baby one, while I get {Read More}

Who likes sales? You do! (I hope!)

As the above image says, we’re having a sale! Simply enter the coupon code WhateverNovember during checkout for 25% off your order. Sweet. (You can click on that giant image to be taken straight to the shop.) Oh, and! The first 3 sales on Friday get free button packs tucked into their orders. Yay! In other news, I just put together a MASSIVE post of plush artists who are having sales over at The Needle. Why not have a gander {Read More}


Oh dear. I appear to have run out of maternity leave posts. I wrote a bunch of them (though not nearly as many as I’d hoped) and scheduled them out, and they have run their course. Baby Olive arrived four weeks earlier than expected, and that blew my carefully crafted schedule to smithereens. I am totally okay with that. Smithereens, I tell you! Things have naturally been a blur since then (January 13th), and I’m just now starting to put {Read More}

Slight Change of Plans!

Hello everyone! I write to you today from the midst of a not-quite-properly-medicated cold on this my 35th week of pregnancy. Expect a lot of sentences like that in this post. I had every intention of hanging in there, and waiting until January 24th to start maternity leave. (That would have been a very reasonable 2 weeks before my due date.) This cold, and the sudden massive weight gain, and the ensuing pain, and the barely being able to move, {Read More}

Welcome to the new Absolutely Small blog!

Hello and welcome! Can I get you anything? Cup of coffee? Cookie? Fresh leaf to turn over? That’s what I wanted. A fresh leaf. Oh, and of course the cookie and coffee. Hopefully, some of you have followed me over here from my other blog. You get an extra large cookie. Why am I starting over? Frankly, I needed a fresh start. Plus, I’ve been dying to try out WordPress for ages. In addition, I have a new intention for {Read More}