We’re in!!

The little old lady is officially GONE! We have the keys. We went inside. We threw out stuff! Most of the junk is gone from inside the house, with a few exceptions. (Such as all the contents of the fridge on the kitchen counter. Eeeeew.) The only place still fully stocked with garbage is one of the under the house storage areas. The big one.The house is SO dirty. No, really dirty. Like brown cobwebs, carpet that’s never been vacuumed, {Read More}

Saturday. Saturday? Saturday!

The wall has officially broken on Littleoldladygate 2009! Papers have been signed, and little old ladies will be out on Saturday afternoon, or face the consequences. Death by wild diseased bunnies may have been threatened.Rejoicing in the streets will commence! Ticker tape parades may happen! Confetti will rain from the sky! I don’t know what else to say, except that to get to this point we were faced with two choices. Either a. Let them have another 3-4 days and {Read More}

And then…

Remember the dumpster? With the broken garbage furniture, and the yelling? Well. She had a neighbor fish all that back out. And then she ordered ANOTHER dumpster.And then she turned down paid assistance to get the rest of the moving done.Despite the fact that perhaps said neighbor might spend his time better helping pack.Despite the fact that to her, NOTHING is garbage and she wants to keep everything with her.Despite the fact that an entire team of professional movers claimed {Read More}

In which there is more yelling

Remember how in that last post I mentioned we tossed things into the dumpster? And by “things” I mean trash. Did I mention the gallon ziplock bag full of burnt matches that was found, by the way? No? Well, anyway:We’re in trou-ble! (say it in a sing-songy voice)We had been told numerous times by the little old lady that she was leaving everything on the back porch for us. Everything. Including three sets of table legs that were missing their {Read More}

In which we close escrow

Escrow is now officially closed! No more worrying about whether it should be capitalized or not! Hooray!All the sudden financial responsibility seems to have made me a bit giddy, so I proceeded to set up free shipping sales in both my Etsy & Artfire shops. (Or seriously discounted shipping in the case of sales not in the US/Canada.)Go forth and buy things! Help me to buy some much needed paint! And/or fumigation! Here are some highlights from yesterday: There was {Read More}

In which I am “helpful”

Things I “helped” pack at the little old lady’s (really, our house, come Monday){Oh, did I not mention how escrow didn’t quite close on Friday thanks to a certain public utility company* dragging their feet? Odd.} house today. Multiple fanny packs Gummy bears of mysterious age One very old package of sardines All these items were in her bedroom. YES. BEDROOM. SARDINES. I KNOW!! Okay. I’m going to warn you right now. This post might get long. And my little {Read More}