My experience with Konmari-ing my fabric stash and studio – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 27

The prospect of Konmari-ing the studio made me nervous, because it’s expensive to replace supplies, and sometimes impossible. A big part of my process is having a stash to work from, eliminating/minimizing the need to go to fabric stores/art supply shops in the middle of a project, breaking the flow and getting distracted. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it says this brilliant thing about how the right time to read a book is right when it comes to {Read More}

Some Thoughts on Konmari-ing From a Crafty, Sentimental Nut – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 26

I have Konmari’d almost my entire house. (Konmari, for those not yet in the know, is the technique described in

Squirrels, Woodpeckers, and Treasury HTML-ing Tools

I started this post because I was dying to try out the Etsy Treasury HTML Code Generator made by Whale Shark Websites. (And detailed on the Handmadeology blog. Thank you, Handmadeology!) “Aha!” I thought “What a nice idea for a quick blog post. Surely this will put me back on the path to blogging every single day!” As is my habit, however, I blew this project all out of proportion, and now it’s this monster post. Hi! Okay. So. What {Read More}

Summer of Curry – Java Curry (hot)

Welcome to the Summer of Curry! Here at Casa Chambers, we are huge fans of all sorts of curry. However, none has captured our hearts and tastebuds quite like Japanese curry. Why Japanese curry? Because we went to Japan this one time. Also, it tastes like a sort of silly version of every other curry you’ve ever had. It’s tasty and charming, is what I’m saying. Alas, it is actually pretty hard to find in my (remember, country!) neck of {Read More}

Oh. My. Gosh.

Are you ready for more finds from the depths of the bowels of the basement? Are you ready for finds that involve cake? Cake with boobies?Brace yourselves, and shield any kiddie’s eyes. No, seriously.Imagine going through a box, pulling out prayer card after prayer card, and then suddenly, YOU SEE THIS:Hey baby, nice armless legless torso!Are those plungers?Is that breast personalized with a mole? Oh the horror.I don’t even know which aspect of this cake is more terrible. The rubbery {Read More}

Curioser and Curiouser…

We’ve been chipping away at the boxes the old lady left behind in the basement. We’ve gone through maybe a dozen of them so far, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Gauging from the weight of what’s left, it looks like there are a lot of moldy books in our futures. Some of the more interesting finds include:* a very small kid’s size Get US out of UN t-shirt* lots & lots of John Birch Society stuff…including information for a {Read More}

Almost unpacked!

Life is slowly returning to normal-ish around here. The pugs are settling in nicely: Paintings are getting up on the walls: The studio is 97% set up! Which means I should have some new creatures to share with you very soon. I love this wall the most:Best studio I’ve ever had. Oddly enough, I’ve even got a bit of the baking bug:So maybe things aren’t exactly back to normal. They’re better than normal.

…and after

This Saturday marks three weeks since we’ve taken possession of the house. I think this photo sums up everything pretty well: (And if you need to see this in graphic detail, click here to see it larger.)I am so, so tired. And very pleased.Fresh, clean, new carpet goes in tomorrow. We move this Sunday. Yay! (I just uploaded a bunch of new photos. Hop on over to Flickr to see the lot.)

In which I am tired

There has been painting. Oh, the painting there has been. So much with the painting. And today, as soon as I finish my coffee, I will head back over there…to do more painting. It is beginning to feel like there will be NO END to all the painting. Was it a mistake letting paint ninjas move into my house? Or was it the only thing between me and bare white walls?And speaking of white: The kitchen cabinets are coming along {Read More}

Things we’ve found

We’re going to do this bullet point style, because I am so very tired. Who thinks it is amusing to work 12+ hour days several days in a row? IT IS NOT. A coffee can full of old Snickers bars Several bloody bandaids Carrying case full of rockin’ 8-tracks: (note: this was in a pile of things marked with blue tape…as if this was meant to go to someone in particular. Awesome!) A coffee can full of half empty bags {Read More}