Make your very own Finn hat for a Chickenpants Baby! Free Downloadable Pattern.

One of the best things about Chickenpants is making accessories for them. Since I recently released the Chickenpants Babies pattern, I thought it would be fun to give you a free accessory pattern just for the CP Babies- the Finn hat. Finn hats are very easy to make, and they require only a few things that you probably already have around the house. What time is it? Tiny hat making time! Here’s what you’ll need: -about 5″x2″ of white felt {Read More}

Introducing the BMO pattern for hand sewing!

I am so thrilled to be able to share with you the latest pattern I made. Thrilled because of the way it turned out (awesome) and thrilled because oh my gosh it’s finally done and wow was it a lot of work. Ahem: Introducing BMO (or Beemo, if you prefer), the hand sewing pattern: This pattern is frankly HUGE. It clocks in at 16 total pages. BMO however, is quite tiny- just 3.5″ tall. Look, he fits right in your {Read More}

Great Moments in Chickenpants Baby History

A few weeks ago, I released the Chickenpants Babies Pattern. When I was writing up the pattern, I went looking for photos of the CP Babies in action. I’ve been making Chickenpants Babies for the last 6 years or so, so there was rather a lot. Here are a few of my favorites: Did you know that Chickenpants Babies are exactly the right size to play with Playmobil toys? They are, as you can see in the pirate ship part {Read More}