Traveling ‘Pants Tuesday -Snapshots from the Chickenpants Road Trip

Eeeesh, what a busy summer it’s been! There hasn’t been much time to sit down and write anything, which is a great thing, actually. But I still want to share a couple of snapshots of the summer so far. My traveling Chickenpants has been pretty busy. For instance: We saw some dinosaurs on the Oregon coast. (This could be it’s own blog post. There are very few things I enjoy more than a really cheesy roadside attraction. This is one {Read More}

All adventures, all the time. Well, at least for a week.

Hello! This week things are going to be a little different, as I will be on my annual wandering around the desert trip. I will be posting Chickenpantsy adventures to Instagram (@chickenpants), and if I pull it together enough, some may even show up here, too! (Certainly, there will be some kind of photo laden recap on the blog when I return.) So, consider this week’s Travel Tuesday just essentially a week long. The shop will remain open during my {Read More}

Geocaching Chickenpants Minis!

So, as I *may* have mentioned before, I just discovered geocaching. Soon into it, I decided I needed my own swap item. Enter the Mini Chickenpants! Maybe you’ve found this page after finding one of my Mini Chickenpants in a cache. Hi! Normal Chickenpants love to travel, and so do Mini Chickenpants. As you can tell, it’s not quite a trackable, but it has my Chickenpants-in-the-wild email and user name on there. I would love it if someone moved one {Read More}

3 Lessons Learned from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar

When I was visiting family in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to see Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, which is now pretty much my favorite art installation, ever. (And the award for most commas in a run-on sentence goes to…) For a while, I just wandered around with my mouth hanging open, snapping photo after photo after photo. Finally, after several laps, I was able to slow down and notice details. I’ve been thinking about what I saw ever since. Here are {Read More}

Who likes weird things? You do! Quick highlights from Arizona.

This is so off topic, but too good not to share. Oh my! from Absolutely Small on Vimeo. I took this video while we were in Arizona. Right after our tour of the Colossal Cave. Which Miss O mostly hated, but still. We did it! It was a character building experience! But not nearly as much as hanging out with goats, as you can see. We’re in a cave! Take my word for it! This trip to Arizona was the {Read More}