My experience with Konmari-ing my fabric stash and studio – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 27

The prospect of Konmari-ing the studio made me nervous, because it’s expensive to replace supplies, and sometimes impossible. A big part of my process is having a stash to work from, eliminating/minimizing the need to go to fabric stores/art supply shops in the middle of a project, breaking the flow and getting distracted. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it says this brilliant thing about how the right time to read a book is right when it comes to {Read More}

Organizing Fabric Scraps to Make Them More Usable

I have kind of a complicated relationship with fabric scraps. I love them. I love looking at them, because I love fabric, color, and possibility. I feel a responsibility to use them up, down to the tiniest part. It seems thrifty, and like I’m honoring the time, expense, and resources of everyone who helped to make them. It seems like the traditional thing to do. Did you know scrap bags were as much a fixture in homes of the not {Read More}

New Riley Blake fabric

Pardon me, I just need to swoon over this for a moment. (The two on the sides are Go Fly a Kite, and the center one is Saddle Up – both released by Riley Blake Designs.) Rarely do I feel the need to cut into a shipment of fabric before it’s even washed, but as soon as I cracked open the package, I knew I had to make something with this stuff right away. Rarely do I feel the need {Read More}