My experience with Konmari-ing my fabric stash and studio – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 27

The prospect of Konmari-ing the studio made me nervous, because it’s expensive to replace supplies, and sometimes impossible. A big part of my process is having a stash to work from, eliminating/minimizing the need to go to fabric stores/art supply shops in the middle of a project, breaking the flow and getting distracted. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it says this brilliant thing about how the right time to read a book is right when it comes to {Read More}

If I was the emperor, I’d be tossing people out of windows all day because I’ve lost my groove.

Oh my goodness I’m back. Sort of. I’m still very much trying to get things back to normal and remember how my hands work and trying to get into the studio to actually make something. It’s been a long process. With my exercise practice, I’ve lost a lot of flexibility, and I have to start over at the beginner level. I feel like the same thing has happened to my creative practice. I think I’m going to have to do {Read More}

In which I dip my toe into the world of printed photo books…

One of my goals for 2015 is to tame the mess of unprinted digital photos that is currently swimming around in my various devices. It’s…kind of a tall order. And honestly, I’ve been rather slacking on it. So, when the folks at Mosaic offered me one of their photo books to test out, I was happy to give it a go. (In other words: they sent me a free thing. I liked it. I decided to write about it. Here {Read More}

Vintage Button Treasure!

I remember this jar from my childhood, always tucked away near my aunt’s washing machine. (The jar, not me.) I didn’t know that it was first my Nonna’s. It’s one of those things that was always just there- like laundry soap. I haphazardly collect/hoard old buttons, so I likely have many people’s grandmother’s buttons. But these are from my actual family, so they’re special. The jar is an old Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned Style peanut butter jar. The same brand {Read More}

New team member. Or possibly very heavy decoration.

I’d never seen a bent wood sewing machine case before. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So when I saw one at a thrift store, the word SINGER gleaming under the fluorescent lights, I stopped in my tracks. “Is that…can I see that?” I plugged it in, and oh my goodness. It worked. The light (these things have lights?) lit up. The engine hummed as soon as the pedal was pressed. It was a little battered and had {Read More}

Playing with button mosaics

I love the idea of mosaics made from buttons and beads. Of using everyday materials to create something that could be both art and kitschy hilarity. It started slowly: an art project for Miss Olive. We glommed glue onto a wood piece, and then pressed in rhinestones one by one. Fun! Messy! Bonus, it kind of looks like cake! It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it: quick and loose and not trying very hard. This {Read More}

In praise of the wonky noggin

I am a recovering raging perfectionist. I like things to line up in the way I see fit, all the time. I nit pick. It’s extremely annoying. So why on earth do I let things like this be? Chickenpants in Space 2010 (CP #46) I have a weird exception when it comes to fabric. I like to let mistakes inform the design. I like to let the fabric tell me what to do. In short, I like to let go {Read More}

Taking stock

I first saw this through Lynsey’s blog, and it’s such a fun idea that I want to play, too! (I’m trying to get better at actually reading blogs again. If you’ve got any recommendations, (even your own blog- especially your own blog!) please leave them in the comments so I can check them out.) Anyway, here we go: Making : A batch of Bunnypants & Kittenpants Cooking : As little as I can get away with Drinking : Coffee. Lots {Read More}

A few more weeks

I’ve been reading a lot about blogging lately, and therefore receiving a lot of conflicting advice. “Blog about your life!” “Don’t blog about your life, no one cares!” “Show your work!” “But not too much of your work!” If I was new to all this stuff, it would be extremely frustrating. (Official motto of the internet: You’re Doing It Wrong!) Instead, I’m taking it as: “Blog about what you love. Nobody really has all the answers to this stuff. What {Read More}

My Essential Creative Tools – #2 – Evernote

I used to be one of those people who had paper everywhere. All kinds. Notes and ideas and contacts everywhere. Until one fateful day when I stumbled upon Evernote. Life changing! I still take a bazillion notes, but now I corral them all in Evernote. Want to find that good blog post again? Search your Evernote. How exactly did I make those sugar free vegan cookies? Good thing I wrote it down into Evernote. The beautiful thing about Evernote is {Read More}