About Chickenpants

“What is going on here?” You may be asking yourself this very thing. Or perhaps “Why are these chickens wearing pants?” I have a few answers.

Chickenpants are collectible plush art toys. Each one is unique, and is numbered and named. At the time of writing this (February 2015), there were 671 Chickenpants made*. I started making them on June 9th 2007, and basically just never stopped.
I follow a very loose pattern when sewing them, and a good amount of hand finishing goes into each one. This is what gives Chickenpants their personality and general wabi-sabi natures.

The Chickenpants are outside observers interacting with the world and with humans. Normal things that humans do are seen with wonder by them. Simple things like driving a car would be adventurous to them. It’s a matter of scale- when you are small in a big world, that world is exciting and full of possibility. Seeing things through Chickenpants eyes re-enchants the world around you.

The Chickenpants world has expanded beyond plush. Chickenpants have starred in short stop motion movies and paintings.
Chickenpants also make ideal traveling companions, and people have been kind enough to share their Chickenpants photos with us. You can check them out in our Flickr group.

They make such agreeable travel companions that the Chickenpants Adventure Society was put together. (The project is not currently active, but you can still check out the adventures and print out your own paper Chickenpants there.)

As to why they are wearing pants, well:

*That’s the 7″ ones. Never mind the hundreds of Chickenpants Babies I’ve made over the years, or the 2′ tall ones, or that one time I made a 5′ tall one…