Dispatches from the idea storm – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 30

As alluded to in the last post, I’m in the middle of an idea storm. That means this week, I don’t actually have much to show you…unless you like messy desk action shots:
Full desk brainstormingThere you go!

Or how about a little of this:
Early morning brainstorming session - now with more dog sketches!
I’ve been furiously writing down and working out and refining ideas all week. It doesn’t make for terribly exciting photos, I’m afraid.

What is an idea storm? I haven’t heard anyone else talk about them, at least not in my terminology. Every so often, I just get hit with a LOT of ideas all at once. Generally one huge idea and it’s one million idea babies. Sometimes this happens a few times a year. Sometimes just once a year. You never know. So when it happens, I just try to ride it out and write it all down.

I’ve been doing a lot of early morning sketches lately. I’ve been playing along with Johanna Fritz’s 365 Doodle Challenge, too. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it, but that’s part of the beauty of this challenge. It’s very low stress and low commitment. Yay!
Fancy Chicken sketches by Claire Chambers of Chickenpants Studio

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Absolutely Small is textile artist Claire Chambers. Claire Chambers is a crazy-pants artist/crafter who spends most of her time indoors, very near to Portland, Oregon. She likes making people laugh, chickens and pugs, and writing about herself in the third person. She is utterly obsessed with making things out of fabric.

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