Traveling ‘Pants Tuesday -Snapshots from the Chickenpants Road Trip

Eeeesh, what a busy summer it’s been! There hasn’t been much time to sit down and write anything, which is a great thing, actually. But I still want to share a couple of snapshots of the summer so far. My traveling Chickenpants has been pretty busy.
For instance:
Chickenpants at the Prehistoric Gardens in Oregon
We saw some dinosaurs on the Oregon coast. (This could be it’s own blog post. There are very few things I enjoy more than a really cheesy roadside attraction. This is one of the greats!)

Chickenpants, Chicken Car
Chickenpants, chicken car. (Spotted at the Musee Mechanique, SF)

Chickenpants at Glass Beach
Collecting a little bit of beach glass at Glass Beach.

Chickenpants in Crescent City
This was actually a geocache in Crescent City. And a great photo op.

Chickenpants on the Mendocinocoast
Relaxing beach day on the Mendocino coast…

Chickenpants Wrecking Ball
And finally, the Chickenpants Wrecking Ball. (This was taken inside the Oregon Vortex gravity house. So the blurriness is due to gravitational anomalies, not just poor lighting and bad photography… :P)

Hope you’re having a great summer, too!

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