In which I dip my toe into the world of printed photo books…

One of my goals for 2015 is to tame the mess of unprinted digital photos that is currently swimming around in my various devices. It’s…kind of a tall order. And honestly, I’ve been rather slacking on it. So, when the folks at Mosaic offered me one of their photo books to test out, I was happy to give it a go. (In other words: they sent me a free thing. I liked it. I decided to write about it. Here we are.) Moving on.
I had the perfect subject for one of their 20 page books – my recent trip to the Southwest. Which features more Chickenpants than actual family because my four year old is going through a phase (that has only lasted, oh, four years) where she hates having her photo taken. But I digress.
I’ve actually never printed one of these types of things before. (Hence the giant mess.)
Mosaic is an app which makes it very quick and easy to do all this on your tablet. It can pull your photos from Facebook for you too, if you want. There’s no place to enter in notations to your photos, which makes this super fast and easy, but it would be nice to have the option.

Once I finally decided on the order of the photos, it took only a few seconds to order. The interface was really easy to work with, and the whole project came together really quickly.


It arrived pretty darn fast. I ordered it on a Friday, and it arrived the following Wednesday. Nice!

They get 10 points for packaging. You could totally send one of these to someone as a gift, just as is. The box that it came in is very simple but nice. Love the blue ribbon!

The photos on the cover are very, very tiny. It’s a cute effect, but just know that they will be very, very tiny.

I love the nice thick pages, and the rounded corners of the photos.

If there’s a two word take away from this, it would be easy and quick. Which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Mosaic!

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