Work in Progress Wednesday No. 24

Tiny blocks
My creative process seems to go in very definite cycles through different media. It’s kind of like it moves from room to room, switching on and off lights as it goes. Very sharp contrasts.
Strips and strips and strips
For awhile my creative energy will be all like “CHICKENPANTS ALL THE TIME! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR CHICKENPANTS!” or perhaps “MAKE ALL THE FABRIC ART!” or worst of all “LEAVE ME ALONE I HAVE NO IDEAS FOREVER DARKNESS SO SAD.” Fortunately, not too often for that last one.
Ryokan quilt block in progress
Right now, I’m in the part of the cycles that screams “QUILTS! OMG QUILTS! MAKE NOTHING BUT QUILTS! IMPROV! IMPROV! IMPROV! FINISH UP ALL THE WIPS!”
aqua and white cotton strips
When I am in the middle of one cycle, for instance, quilts, it’s hard for me to work on anything else. I have this over abundance of creative energy for one media, and I know that it will shut off eventually. So, I try to just ride it out. Which is tough, because I don’t make any money at all on the quilts. Actually, they cost me quite a bit. But I love them, so whatever.
Cutting strips for quilting
So, although I am in QUILTS QUILTS QUILTS mode, I have a goal of making and releasing one fancy Chickenpants a day. I have a list, and a bundle of half finished guys:
Chickenpants in progress
The list of some of the Chickenpants I want to make soon
So no worries, Chickenpants fans. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sew all the things to all the other things.
Sewing strips

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