Work in Progress Wednesday No. 23 – Making a Short Stop Motion Film

This Wednesday finds me hunched over my computer, editing. It doesn’t make for the most fascinating photos. I’m making a short, semi-stop-motioned film-let, and that’s where most of the work actually happens. Right here:
Editing a stop motion
Hello, messy desk.
So instead, here’s a peek at the fun part: actually shooting the stop motion.

First, you must build a set.
Building a set for stop motion
As you can see, this is a very basic affair. Foam core, colorful papers. Like everything in low budget film making, it’s not nearly as fancy as it sounds, and involves more duct tape than you would think.

Ready for some set dressing
I love the set dressing part of the process. It’s a chance to bust out my Re-Ment and miniatures collection.
Detail on the set
The little house was made by The Little Red Door. So cute!

Once the set is finished, it’s time to bring in the Chickenpants.
I'm ready for my coffee, Mr. DeMille.
I’m ready for my coffee, Mr. DeMille.

There are all sorts of creative challenges to solve, like getting Chickenpants to appear to stand on their own.
Stand Up, Chickenpants!
It’s a good thing I’ve watched so much Mystery Science Theater. That has given me quite an education in low budget film making.

It’s basically impossible to make one of these things on your own. That’s why I shanghai hire the best:
My camera assistant
My camera assistant. She works for marshmallows.

Here’s what an average moment in the filming process looks like:
Shooting a stop motion animation

That’s it for now. I need to get back to editing this thing!

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