Vintage Button Treasure!

vintage buttons
I remember this jar from my childhood, always tucked away near my aunt’s washing machine. (The jar, not me.) I didn’t know that it was first my Nonna’s. It’s one of those things that was always just there- like laundry soap.
I haphazardly collect/hoard old buttons, so I likely have many people’s grandmother’s buttons. But these are from my actual family, so they’re special.
Vintage Laura Scudders peanut butter lid
The jar is an old Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned Style peanut butter jar. The same brand we always got when I was growing up. Is there a more unpleasant name for peanut butter? I think not. So close to shudder, and right around the corner from scat. It hardly says creamy deliciousness. As always, I digress.
The whole thing is so thick with nostalgia I can barely open the jar.
vintage buttons
Buttons! Duh!

excelsior 700 key & others
And a tiny envelope of tiny keys. Note the Excelsior 700. Is that cute or what? Perhaps it goes to a super secret safe deposit box filled with treasure. Or, more likely, a train case filled with dust bunnies that was donated to a Goodwill 35 years ago.

vintage buttons
I want to return to the era of adorable buttons apparently on everything.

Until the right project comes along, I have just the spot for this tiny treasure: right next to a bag of my Dad’s boy scout badges. Which are also waiting for the right project.
vintage buttons in a jar

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