Playing with button mosaics

I love the idea of mosaics made from buttons and beads. Of using everyday materials to create something that could be both art and kitschy hilarity.
It started slowly: an art project for Miss Olive. We glommed glue onto a wood piece, and then pressed in rhinestones one by one. Fun! Messy!
Bonus, it kind of looks like cake!

It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it: quick and loose and not trying very hard.
blobsmessinprogress copy
This looks nothing like cake! I made…a mess! Just a pure mess, that should probably be chucked. It was so fun.

Which lead to thinking about possibility, and the freeing nature of making ugly things and what if I DID actually take my time and try at this…
I started a little pinboard for button art, you guys. It’s so kitsch, so tacky, and sometimes so sublime.

Looking for more? Check out this pinboard the Button Art Museum has put together. Wowza!

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