Taking stock

I first saw this through Lynsey’s blog, and it’s such a fun idea that I want to play, too! (I’m trying to get better at actually reading blogs again. If you’ve got any recommendations, (even your own blog- especially your own blog!) please leave them in the comments so I can check them out.)
Anyway, here we go:

Making : A batch of Bunnypants & Kittenpants
Cooking : As little as I can get away with
Drinking : Coffee. Lots of coffee.
Reading: Sew Somerset
Wanting: Quiet time
Looking: at summer starting up
Playing: Duplos, constantly
Deciding: Where.
Wishing: For more time
Enjoying: Olive being three.
Waiting: For nothing!
Liking: This Japanese import fabric shop
Loving: The sun being out so much
photo 2(1)
Marvelling: At Oregon strawberries, again. Wow.
Needing: A nap
Smelling: the morning
Wearing: jeans and a t-shirt
Following: lots of new blogs
Pondering: The next thing to make (a pattern? a mini quilt?)
photo 1(1)
Noticing: Attitudes
Knowing: that things change
Thinking: up new strategies
Feeling: under the weather
Admiring: the landscape in Bend:
and on the coast…
Buying: Fabric. In the most recent case, fleece.
Getting: it together. No, really!
Bookmarking: So many things on Pinterest.
Disliking: Negative attitudes
Opening: up new possibilities
Giggling: over this
Snacking: On these gluten and sugar free vegan fudge bits
Coveting: a new blender
Hearing: This podcast

About Claire

Absolutely Small is textile artist Claire Chambers. Claire Chambers is a crazy-pants artist/crafter who spends most of her time indoors, very near to Portland, Oregon. She likes making people laugh, chickens and pugs, and writing about herself in the third person. She is utterly obsessed with making things out of fabric.

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