Make your very own Finn hat for a Chickenpants Baby! Free Downloadable Pattern.

One of the best things about Chickenpants is making accessories for them. Since I recently released the Chickenpants Babies pattern, I thought it would be fun to give you a free accessory pattern just for the CP Babies- the Finn hat. Finn hats are very easy to make, and they require only a few things that you probably already have around the house.

What time is it? Tiny hat making time!

Here’s what you’ll need:
-about 5″x2″ of white felt
-white thread
-needle or sewing machine
this pattern for the hat

Seriously, that’s it. I sewed this hat on a sewing machine, but if you don’t have one, you could still whip one up with just a needle and thread very quickly.

Print out the pattern. There is so much variation in handmade face shapes that you’ll need to take the pattern with a grain of salt. Before cutting out the pattern, lay your Chickenpants’ head against it. You want about 3/8″of space all around the head. Scale the pattern up or down as needed. For the face hole, cut out the paper pattern piece, and hold it against your Chickenpants’ face.
You want it to cover the facial features, but not have too much extra room around them. Again, scale up or down as necessary.
Fold the piece of felt in half, and place the hat pattern piece on it, with the ears on the fold line.
finnhat8 Trace around it with a pencil. Center the face hole (That just sounds so wrong. But it is accurate. FACE HOLE!) piece under the ears, and trace it onto one side only.
Keep the felt folded, and cut it out. Be sure to keep the ear folds in tact. DO NOT cut the fold apart.
To cut out the face hole, fold the felt in half in about the center of the face hole.
Make a little cut with your scissors, and then cut around the inside of the hole.
Fold the hat in half again, making sure the bottom ends are even.
Start at the lower left side and sew your way around.
Keep your seam allowances very scant- around 1/8″. When you get to the top of each ear, make the seam allowances even tinier- remember, they’re folded. They don’t actually need to be stitched. Once you’ve sewn to the bottom of the other side, backtack or knot the thread ends to keep them from unraveling.
Turn the hat inside out. Use a chopsitck to carefully poke the ears out.

finnhat2 You’ll have to press firmly to get that felt to cooperate, but that’s okay.

And…finished! Pop it on your Chickenpants Baby, and save the day! And come post photos of your Chickenpants crafting adventures to our Facebook page:

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