Field Trip to the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Northwest Quilters Festival of Quilts with my quilt group. This is actually the 40th annual show. Forty years! That’s pretty amazing.
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the show. At least, of the ones I was able to quickly snap a photo of as I ran after Olive.
Obviously, NONE of these quilts are by me. I have tried to properly attribute them to who made them where ever possible, but…I ran through this quilt show with TWO three year olds. Frankly, it’s a wonder that ANY of these photos are in focus. And that they exist at all. If you happen to know who made them, please send me a note so I can properly attribute them. But I digress. Let’s ogle some quilts!
As a huge fan of both Tula Pink and crazy quilts, this one really called out to me:
It’s called “Tula and Kate Goin’ Crazy” by Suzette Shoulders. Here’s the whole thing:

This one might be my favorite from the whole show. It’s a vintage postage stamp quilt, called, appropriately enough “Great Grandma’s Postage Stamps”
Made and quilted by Annis Gray Freeman. This quilt was passed down through the current owner’s family for generations. It was made sometime prior to 1950, and it is just STUNNING. Behold all those tiny gems of fabric! It appears to be entirely made by hand. I love the way the pieced lines wave a little. I think it shows tremendous character.
It’s inspired me to make one of these. (You know me and ridiculously time consuming, tiny, intricate quilts!) I’ve actually been cutting and storing 1.5″ squares bit by bit for a little while now.

This stunner is called “Butterfly Garden” by Carol W. Hull. Check out all the applique! These colors just make me happy.

Sadly, I can’t find the attribution details for this one, so if anyone knows who made it, please give me a heads up! But it’s just too stunning not to include here. I mean, look at these hand stitched details:
Those are french knots in the center of the flower. I love the masterful way the quilter incorporated her(his?) own stitches into the top. It adds to the fabric design without being distracting. Gorgeous!

What? Of course I had to come home with some goodies. I’m pretty sure it’s the rule when visiting quilt shows. (Plus, there were some amazing deals! I’m talking half yards for $2. Insanity.)

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