TOPANGA! (the art quilt)

I don’t know what to tell you about this one, except that it turns out that I am a crazy dog lady.
This one is TOPANGA! in case it wasn’t obvious already. She was quite a canine. She was my muse for a long time. I took literally thousands of photos of her, and made many drawings and plushies and what not. And I wasn’t the only one. She was special.

This art quilt took me about three months to complete. Not three months of solid work, mind you. Three months of staring, figuring things out, heaving some emotional boulders around, taking it out, putting it away for awhile, a long while, and then finally getting to it and knocking it out.

I incorporated her actual collar into the piece. It still has some of her stubborn pug hairs embedded in it.

In addition to the collar and tag, I also put her pet resort guest of the month award in. How could I not?


The words on the sides are some of her nicknames. They’re nearly illegible in the photos, which is perfect, actually. tq1

The nitty gritty: I used cotton and a lot of fusible web. A little hot glue, for that bulky collar. Lots of free motion stitching to keep it all together. I kept the actual quilting very minimal:

Finally, a signature:
Annnnd…release. Closure!

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