Deep Breaths, Crazy Lady – Dailies #68

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Deep Breaths, Crazy Lady – Dailies #68

This one was such a fiasco.
Can you wash Pellon Fusible Ez-Steam in a washing machine? The answer might surprise you.

After I had already cut the letters, I noticed that there were some stains on the vintage hankie I was using as a background. My perfectionist tendencies kicked in and I thought, hey, I can get those possibly decades old stains out. I didn’t want to start from scratch, so I decided to wash the hankie, with the newly appliquéd pieces pressed in place.
Foolishly, I believed the directions on the packaging. Directly taken from the package:
“No sewing required, bonds permanently after fusing with an iron.”
“…Permanently bonds to both surfaces once an iron is applied.”
And I followed the care instructions:
“Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, dry low. Do not use fabric softener.”
Right. I did not use fabric softener, and I didn’t even get a chance to put it in the dryer.
Short story: Pellon Easy Seam WILL wash right off. However, the adhesive will remain on the backing fabric, ruining both your backing fabric AND your letters. Fun!! By the time I got home and got the fabric out of the washer, it was so late. There was no time or energy to make something new. So I fished the twisted letters out of the machine and carefully flattened them back into shape. The end result? I actually really like it. It’s distressed. The letters are battered. And it totally works (at least as far as representing the day I had). However, lesson learned: don’t even think of washing something that’s been fusible webbed without being stitched down also.

Apologies for the crummy photos on this one. There is no lovely lighting at a million o’clock.

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