New Riley Blake fabric

Pardon me, I just need to swoon over this for a moment.
(The two on the sides are Go Fly a Kite, and the center one is Saddle Up – both released by Riley Blake Designs.)

Rarely do I feel the need to cut into a shipment of fabric before it’s even washed, but as soon as I cracked open the package, I knew I had to make something with this stuff right away. Rarely do I feel the need to wax rhapsodic about fabric on my blog. Okay, never mind. I feel the need often but rarely do I actually commit to pressing PUBLISH. See how special these prints are?

I never buy Western print fabric, because well, that’s just not my aesthetic. However, I did live in cowboy country for long enough that when I spotted this Saddle Up print by Samantha Walker, I HAD. TO. BUY. IT. Western motifs, but in modern colors, with dare I say it…a bit of a Japanese/modern style sensibility. Oh yes.

Okay, swoon over.
(If you’re similarly smitten, I found my fabric through Sew For A Song.)

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Absolutely Small is textile artist Claire Chambers. Claire Chambers is a crazy-pants artist/crafter who spends most of her time indoors, very near to Portland, Oregon. She likes making people laugh, chickens and pugs, and writing about herself in the third person. She is utterly obsessed with making things out of fabric.

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