J is for Joss Whedon

And there's the apple
Have you seen most ABC books? Yawn. I wanted to create a book for Olive that would be tactile and interactive. Also, awesome. I wanted to show her things that mean something to her father and I. Important things, like trademarked characters and ice cream.
Thus I raided my stash of felt and set to work with scissors and a hot glue gun. And a gob of fake hair. (See page H.)

I cut every piece by hand, thus the general wonkyness. I created a few pattern pieces, but mostly it was just easier to cut them free hand.

Here are a few of my favorite pages:
S is for Sun and Stars, T is for Totoro
S is for Sun and Stars, T is for Totoro. The T page is actually the first one I made.

I’m happy with how Zelda here turned out:
Zelda detail
She’s one of the few princesses who don’t make me want to throw up. Even if she is mostly just baggage to be saved for most of the video games. She really comes into her own around the Majora’s Mask era, however. But I digress.

I incorporated a few photos, too:
O is for Olive, P is for Pug
O is for Olive, of course. The photos turned out being some of the simplest pages to make. Photo, thin sheet of plastic, felt, glue, go.

J wound up being for Jetpack, but I like to imagine that it’s Joss Whedon wearing a jetpack. (A million thanks to the lovely people on Twitter for helping me out with J. Other honorable mentions: Jabberwocky, Joule, Jellybelly, Jawa, Jabba the Hutt, and Jock Strap.)

You can check out the whole book here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smallchick/sets/72157626558378113/
The end!

About Claire

Absolutely Small is textile artist Claire Chambers. Claire Chambers is a crazy-pants artist/crafter who spends most of her time indoors, very near to Portland, Oregon. She likes making people laugh, chickens and pugs, and writing about herself in the third person. She is utterly obsessed with making things out of fabric.


  1. Lovely book! Now I, too, imagine Joss Whedon wearing a jetpack. Thank you!

  2. Dammit, you’ve done it again! Love the Totoros.

  3. That is absolutely darling. A beautiful book, beautifully made. I wish I’d had such creativity when my younguns were that small.

  4. I LOVE THIS SO HARD WITH MY EYES AND STUFF! Such a cute idea as well. I’d just been looking at the applique ABC book in the Martha Stewart Sewing book and thinking I should do something similar sometime. Though I have so many babies in my life, none of them are mine, so doing a whole alphabet seems a bit much. Maybe I’ll do a number book up to 10.
    You are inspiring as always!

  5. You are so talented, clever, and adorable. Olive is so lucky to have you. xox

  6. Just when I think your Awesome level has peaked, I discover I’ve underestimated you. You haz infinite Awesome. <3

  7. AAAHHH! This is amazing. I heart it so much!

  8. This is simply amazing. I want to make one for my 1 yr. old niece. For the binding, did you just use hot glue as well? And the little ribbons are bookmarks? I don’t want to seem like a complete dunderhead, but I just sewed something for the very first time this weekend. Crafting is not my forte.

    • Thanks! Actually, the binding is sewn with embroidery floss. (Get a realllllly big sewing needle, thread it with a few strands of embroidery floss, and go at it!) Have fun!

      • Thanks for the help! I’ve almost completed my book. Of course my “J” is for Jem. Our family is a Star Wars family so I kept those. Can’t believe I’ve actually done this. Thanks for the craft inspiration!

  9. I love it. I don’t know if I will have kids but if I do I’m pretty sure I’ll be making every book like this. :)

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