How to Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet

Once you’ve crossed into the territory of making snuggies for your Blythes, a hooded capelet isn’t that much of a stretch. And it’s not that much more difficult, either.

Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet

You will need:

  • The Pattern
  • Fabric for the top
  • Fabric for the lining
  • 18″ (45.7 cm) thin ribbon (I like 3mm, personally)
  • Needle & Thread, or a sewing machine
  • Scissors

Download The Pattern Here!
Piece 1
Piece 2

Cut out the pattern pieces, and then cut out:
2 hood pieces from the top fabric (You may want to fold the fabric in half, right sides touching, to cut two mirror images of the fabric at once.)
2 hood pieces from the lining fabric (Ditto the folding and the cutting.)
1 cape piece from the top fabric
1 cape piece from the lining fabric
2 – 9″ (22.8 cm) pieces of ribbon

Sandwich the hood and cape pieces together, right sides touching. Make sure you wind up with the hood pieces being mirror images of each other, like so:
Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet - Step 1

Assemble the cape:
Starting in the middle of the top, sew the cape pieces together. Leave about a 1/4″ seam. Carefully place the ribbons at the top edges, making sure to tuck them inside. Leave a 1″ gap so you can turn the whole thing inside out. Turn it inside out, and stitch up the gap at the top. Be sure to backstitch!
Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet - Step 3

Assemble the hood:
Starting at the middle of the bottom seam, sew the hood pieces together. Leave about a 1/4″ seam. Sew all the way around, leaving a 1″ gap for turning inside out.
Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet - Step 4
Turn the hood pieces inside out. Sew up the gap on the bottom. Then sandwich the two pieces together, and sew from the top front of the hood, all the way down to the back. Be sure to backstitch! This will leave the front and bottom of the hood open.

Place the hood and cape together, right sides touching, and sew. Again, be sure to backstitch.
Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet - Final Step

Trim the loose threads, and that’s it! You’re done!
Make a Blythe Hooded Capelet

Feel free to make as many of these as you wish. If you wind up selling them, please link back to my blog in your listing. These tutorials take forever! ^_^

Faux fur capelet is go!

(Behold the fun you can have with other fabrics. This capelet is one of my favorites.)

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  1. Very very beautiful!
    Can’t wait to try it on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. So adorable! My first Blythe is on its way, and I think I might have to try your pattern out tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, this is the exact pattern I needed, thanks! Nice and simple, too, and so cute!

  4. This is great!! I’m going to give it a go :)

  5. Thanks for the adorable free caplet pattern! I always appreciate those that put the work in to make patterns and then let us make them for free. :)

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