Curioser and Curiouser…

We’ve been chipping away at the boxes the old lady left behind in the basement. We’ve gone through maybe a dozen of them so far, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Gauging from the weight of what’s left, it looks like there are a lot of moldy books in our futures.
Some of the more interesting finds include:
* a very small kid’s size Get US out of UN t-shirt
* lots & lots of John Birch Society stuff…including information for a kid’s summer camp.
* More prayer cards than you can shake a set of rosary beads at
* Old newspapers complete with full page cigarette ads:

* Books. And books. And oh, hey! More books! Old books. First edition books. Books I am now trying to sell on ebay. Can I interest you in a 1929 copy of O. Henry’s Finest?
* A swim cap
* Tons of vintage patterns, some of them very old and very cute!
* Hundreds of lids to containers that are long gone
* A bunch of really cute cards from the 30’s:

* Three movie projectors
* More Avon promotionals than you can shake a handful of John Birch Society pamphlets at
* A wresting bumper sticker:

* And more! So, so, so much more…

And, perhaps the weirdest and saddest thing of all: a greeting card with the following written inside:
Dear Mrs. G –
Thanks for all the rides home. I really appreciate them. And congratulations on finding your daughter after so long!
Love – C.W.

What? WHAT? No seriously, WHAT? I want details!! Also, this makes it a lot harder to mock her hoarding problem. Once you loose something as important as a daughter, I’m sure all the screws are going to come loose in your head. You go on and save that 1973 Publisher’s Clearing house packet. And that other Publisher’s Clearing House packet. And the Reader’s Digest one, too. And all those looser lottery tickets. And…

On that note, I’m trying to profit off of someone else’s hoarding problem. Hop on over to the shop to have a peek at the best of the gems. And as we pull up more stuff, I start to worry more and more about developing a hoarding problem myself. Yikes!

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  1. Fun, fun! Give me details on the projectors. I might be able to help you find a home for them. My daughter's boyfriend is co-founder of Detroit's new film/arthouse The Burton Theater. Plus he collect projectors. Give me specs. Continue having fun!!!

  2. OMG what an awesome find!

  3. Lemon Shortbread says:

    A treasure trove! I'd hang on to those awesome cards!!

  4. goody-goody says:

    I kind of want the wrestler sticker…I have no idea why. But I do!

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