Piginpants Roundup!

Piginpants by Absolutely Small

The new Piginpants are all safely tucked into the shop, but I thought it would be fun to introduce them here, gallery style. Dwight Piginpants – No. 644 Dwight is the mycology expert at the Chickenton Nursery. If you have a question relating to anything fungus, he’s your guy. He is a fungi expert. Just don’t call him the “fun guy.” Boy, is he sick of that joke. Lois Piginpants – No. 645 Lois is a waitress at the Chickenton {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 13

Work in progress art quilt by Claire Chambers

This Wednesday finds me working on finishing up some art quilts. I have a bunch of tops either done, or just in need of the final special touches. Honestly, unfinished projects drive me a little nuts. I’m working on tying up as many as I can this week. I do enjoy a crazy self imposed deadline. A hazard of the job: there are little piles of threads and fabric snippings everywhere. If you sit down on our couch, you will {Read More}

5 Useful-ish Toy and Accessory Patterns for Blythe (that also work for Chickenpants and other dolls!)


I’ve been poking around the interwebs, and I found some very cute things to make for the 1:6-ish scale creatures in your life. 1. How to make a stove out of recycled materials…that opens! Very cool. 2. The same lady (My Froggy Stuff) has a BUNCH of amazing tutorials, such as this laundry room. 3. Puchi Collective has tons of cute free patterns, but the Pet Lamb pattern really takes the cake. 4. Need tiny vintage photographs to print out? {Read More}

Fan Art Friday!


I consider myself very, very fortunate to receive pictures and videos from people who enjoy the Chickenpants. It makes my day when someone posts something Chickenpantsy! I thought it would be fun to share them here, too. So here, for the first time ever, is what I am thinking of as Fan Art Friday, but perhaps that is just too dorky and I should change it*. Many thanks to Instagram user @Fuzzberta for sending me the video! She is a {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 12


I’m writing this at six in the morning, and the words are just not showing up. The pictures, however, are already taken! So let’s just look at those, hmmm? Chickenpants are lined up, ready to receive accessories. On my desk right now are all sorts of tiny things and the things needed to make the tiny things stay in place. I’m working on some very fancy Chickenpants. So, so fancy. I am also working on what may be THE CUTEST {Read More}

Eeee! Just released – a downloadable goodie for mailing list subscribers!

Get your own Paper Chickenpants at http://AbsolutelySmall.com

It’s a Paper Chickenpants! A little guy you can print out & put in a spot that needs to be cheerier. There’s even a little trading card on there, because we should all totally start collecting those again. I’m very excited to share with you this downloadable goodie just for mailing list subscribers. I’ve had it on my to-do list for, oh, months. Maybe years. Now, when you sign up for the monthly digest (using that box, right up there {Read More}

Piginpants are here!

Piginpants by Absolutely Small

I am happy to introduce to you the newest members of the Chickenpants family- the Piginpants! These guys have been a lot of fun to work on. I love their little embroidered tails! There are six in this batch. The first one (Dwight!) is up in the shop right now. I’ll be posting the others each day next week.

Work in progress Wednesday #11

Chicken, Bunny, and Pig 'Pants toys in progress

I am really bad at blogging. I am pretty much always working on something, but actually sitting down and writing about it is not my strong suit. Anyway: I started making these Piginpants in December. I am extremely excited to be working on Chickenpants related things again! And these pigs are fun to make. I mean, come on: Those embroidered tails! The first two that I made have already gone on to their new homes (thank you guys!), but I {Read More}

It’s time for a sale!


It has been a really long time since I’ve done this, so clearly it’s time for a sale! This Thursday begins a 30% off sale! Everything in my shop will be marked down. Yay! It’s a perfect time to stock up on goodies. AND! Are you on our mailing list yet? I’m sending out an extra coupon that can be used ON TOP of the 30% markdown. You can use the link at the top right of the header to {Read More}

Pretty girls.


New fabric sketch.