Less obsessing. More making. (Or, how listing things on Etsy is like cleaning the bathroom.)


After I had a baby, I had to change the way I did things. I started using this pretty helpful technique that I learned in a SARK book- micromovements. Basically, you break whatever it is down into a bunch of teeny tiny steps. Very practical if you only get teeny tiny bits of time to do stuff in. It worked great for awhile, but after awhile, I found myself actually doing less. Things started to feel just too big. The {Read More}

Tutorial: No-Sew Animal Badges or Hair Clips


This project is so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t make this one first. Turn the Animal Badge patterns into actual badges. It is SO quick and easy. Best part: no sewing required! (There are a few places where stitching is optional- read on.) You can easily make these into pin back badges or hair clips, depending on what you fasten to the back. You will need : Animal Badges pattern 3.5″ square of cotton for badge 3.5″ square of {Read More}

Free Pattern: Animal Badges Mini Quilt


As promised, here’s a project to whip up using the Animal Badges pattern. It’s a small wall quilt, perfect for a little one’s room. Instead of having a gigantic blog post, here is a pattern in pdf format that you can download and peruse at your leisure. Click here to download the Animal Badges Mini Quilt Pattern Naturally, you will need the Animal Badges Pattern to get those cute animals on there. See how they (I) get ya? The finished {Read More}

Introducing the Animal Badges Applique and Embroidery Pattern!


I am so excited to share with you a new pattern for applique and embroidery that I designed: Animal Badges! It’s ten different animals, each enclosed in a circle, like so: Which animals? I’m so glad you asked. ★ Cat ★ Dog ★ Rabbit ★ Chicken ★ Duck ★ Pig ★ Butterfly ★ Owl ★ Lamb ★ Skunk (Why skunk? I don’t know! But I think he’s the cutest of the bunch.) As you’ve probably guessed by now, I am {Read More}

Making complex appliques – almost a tutorial!


Recently I made this art quilt portrait of Frida Kahlo: I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process. If you’re inspired, you could create something similar. You know, using your own drawing and stuff. My way of doing this isn’t by any means the only way, or even probably the best way. (I mean, it’s the best way for me so far, but I’m open to learning new techniques!) Anyway, it starts with an idea, and {Read More}

It’s been busy!


There was hemming. There was hawing. Decisions were made and unmade. Options were weighed. Detailed to-do lists were formed and worked on. Things were in the works for months. And then one morning, it just seemed like time. Despite things not being perfect yet. Despite not getting everything done. Despite having too much to do. Sometimes, you just have to reopen that shop and work things out as you go, you know? So, the shop is back. I am hoping {Read More}

Library Book Review* – Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston

photo 2

I recently received a total treasure in the form of a big stack of quilting and fabric art books. Most of them are a little older, but still relevant and fascinating. For instance, Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston It hails from yonder days of 1996, practically a lifetime ago. OH, for simpler times, when only some of us carried pagers and the ubiquitous internet was but a pipe dream of lonely nerds posting to message boards. Message boards! And remember {Read More}

As time goes by quilt


Another quilt completed! Time for a process recap. Grab a cup of coffee and bear with me for a moment while I jot down the details. Yes, my own memory is literally that leaky that I need to document this or else I will probably forget most of it. Ahem. The details: Fabric used was a lot of Lucky Penny by Alison Glass, released by Andover Fabrics. There’s a wee bit of Robert Kaufman Kona Solids in there, too. Not {Read More}

TOPANGA! (the art quilt)


I don’t know what to tell you about this one, except that it turns out that I am a crazy dog lady. This one is TOPANGA! in case it wasn’t obvious already. She was quite a canine. She was my muse for a long time. I took literally thousands of photos of her, and made many drawings and plushies and what not. And I wasn’t the only one. She was special. This art quilt took me about three months to {Read More}

3 Lessons Learned from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar


When I was visiting family in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to see Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, which is now pretty much my favorite art installation, ever. (And the award for most commas in a run-on sentence goes to…) For a while, I just wandered around with my mouth hanging open, snapping photo after photo after photo. Finally, after several laps, I was able to slow down and notice details. I’ve been thinking about what I saw ever since. Here are {Read More}