My experience with Konmari-ing my fabric stash and studio – Work in Progress Wednesday no. 27


The prospect of Konmari-ing the studio made me nervous, because it’s expensive to replace supplies, and sometimes impossible. A big part of my process is having a stash to work from, eliminating/minimizing the need to go to fabric stores/art supply shops in the middle of a project, breaking the flow and getting distracted. In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it says this brilliant thing about how the right time to read a book is right when it comes to {Read More}

Some Thoughts on Konmari-ing From a Crafty, Sentimental Nut – Work in Progress Wednesday No. 26

Time to Konmari my fabric stash...and whole studio

I have Konmari’d almost my entire house. (Konmari, for those not yet in the know, is the technique described in

Traveling ‘Pants Tuesday -Snapshots from the Chickenpants Road Trip

Chickenpants at the Prehistoric Gardens in Oregon

Eeeesh, what a busy summer it’s been! There hasn’t been much time to sit down and write anything, which is a great thing, actually. But I still want to share a couple of snapshots of the summer so far. My traveling Chickenpants has been pretty busy. For instance: We saw some dinosaurs on the Oregon coast. (This could be it’s own blog post. There are very few things I enjoy more than a really cheesy roadside attraction. This is one {Read More}

Phineas Chickenpants & Mr. Pickles – Fan Art Friday

Phineas Chickenpants and Mr. Pickles by Dreaming Magpie

I love this photo by Dreaming Magpie. It’s titled “Mr. Pickles and Phineas Chickenpants”. There’s something extremely sweet and real about it, don’t you think?

If I was the emperor, I’d be tossing people out of windows all day because I’ve lost my groove.

Chickenpants at the Oregon Vortex

Oh my goodness I’m back. Sort of. I’m still very much trying to get things back to normal and remember how my hands work and trying to get into the studio to actually make something. It’s been a long process. With my exercise practice, I’ve lost a lot of flexibility, and I have to start over at the beginner level. I feel like the same thing has happened to my creative practice. I think I’m going to have to do {Read More}

O! Poor Neglected Blog!

Grab a chicken mug of coffee and pull up a chair. Let's dish.

SO! I was way out of town for what turned out to be really close to two weeks. And then, as soon as I got home, I managed to pick up a stomach virus, which is something I simply DO NOT DO. I’ve been home for 5 days now, and there are still things that need to be unpacked. Returning to normalcy has been an awfully slow process this time. (Which is frustrating as I am DO ALL THE THINGS {Read More}

100 Views of Chickenpants

Chickenpants in watercolor pencil

I really like to dabble in new media. It’s fun, and it keeps my creativity from getting stale. Whenever I try something new, I almost always return to my most familiar subject: Chickenpants. There’s something fun and great about re-creating the shape I’m most familiar with in a different way. So naturally, I thought it might be fun and great to collect these diversions together and show them to you. Hence, 100 Views of Chickenpants. (Because why not reference Hokusai?) {Read More}

On the road, sort of…

This photo has nothing to do with anything. However, it is cute. Let's all just take a minute to think about Captain Hammer...

Hello! The blog and shop will be awfully quiet for the next little bit as I will be out of town. (I have big plans for Star Wars Chickenpants, but alas, I will not be able to release them on May 4th. Poo. Oh well, soon!) In the meantime, I’ll be posting Chickenpants-on-the-road photos as much as possible (probably not all that much) to Instagram. See you over there! And soon, here!

Traveling Pants Tuesday – Peoria Heights, IL!

Chickenpants in Peoria Heights, IL

**This is another post from the late, great Chickenpants Adventure Society. I didn’t want it to get lost in the Great Internet Reshuffle of ’15, so here it is!** I have just received word that Agent Morris Chickenpants (#002) has been dropped at Tower Park in Peoria Heights, IL! We have a plethora of photos this time, too! Check them out: (click on any image to see it larger) Thank you for your work, Handler D.!

Let them eat cake! A Chickenpants Stop Motion Short


I had so much fun making the last Chickenpants stop motion short that it has me all nostalgic and thinking back to some of the earlier ones that I’ve made. This one, Let Them Eat Cake, also features a Blythe doll and several other non-Chickenpants creatures. It’s one of my favorites. Let Them Eat Cake from Absolutely Small on Vimeo. The drama of low blood sugar rocks the Chickenpants coop to IT'S VERY CORE! Well, not really. (It is also {Read More}