Vintage Button Treasure!

vintage buttons

I remember this jar from my childhood, always tucked away near my aunt’s washing machine. (The jar, not me.) I didn’t know that it was first my Nonna’s. It’s one of those things that was always just there- like laundry soap. I haphazardly collect/hoard old buttons, so I likely have many people’s grandmother’s buttons. But these are from my actual family, so they’re special. The jar is an old Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned Style peanut butter jar. The same brand {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 7

Summer in Oregon!

Shhh! I’m actually out of town, so this is not a real post. Just a pretty picture. (Look, I finished that quilt square from like two weeks ago!) I don’t have much art to post, but hey, if you want to see cute kid pictures, boy do I have them. We’re enjoying the summer. We’ll be back to normal posts and new art soon, promise. Enjoy the summer!

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 6

Rainbow art quilt in progress

Last week’s Work in Progress Wednesday post showed you the beginning of a project, and mostly just a mess. This week, the mess has moved along a little! This all started as a rainbow-y jelly roll of Robert Kaufman Kona solids. It was so gorgeous that I couldn’t bear to cut into it for a few years. Last week was the time, apparently! Once I had them all connected, I hacked them apart again, and started putting them back together. {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 5

Rainbow art quilt in progress by Claire Chambers -

You know those blogs, where everything always looks perfect, and organized, and the lady writing it is always getting more done and living more fabulously than you? This is not one of those blogs. The cold that started up last week is still rampaging through the house. I feel so far behind that I may actually lap myself soon. For this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday, all I can share with you is this mess. Brace yourself: To help make {Read More}

Some thoughts on ironing plastic


Don’t iron plastic. You probably shouldn’t iron plastic. Ever. Unless you have a really awesome idea you just need to try out. Use protection! Put something on your ironing surface (like cooking parchment), and something on your iron. Poor put another sheet of cooking parchment on top of the thing you’re ironing. Maybe a mask on your face, while you’re at it. Cooking parchment? Open a window. Open all the windows. Ironing plastic is not conducive to getting rid of {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday no. 4

Applique house by Claire Chambers

This Wednesday I find myself with a sick toddler, a sick husband, and trying to not get sick myself. So I’ll be keeping this post short and sweet and germ free. I’m working on a new art quilt, and it is soooooo close to done. Seriously. Just a few little details and some hanging pockets on the back, oh and a signature panel, and it’s done. I used a vintage hankie for the background. A generous friend gave me a {Read More}

New team member. Or possibly very heavy decoration.


I’d never seen a bent wood sewing machine case before. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So when I saw one at a thrift store, the word SINGER gleaming under the fluorescent lights, I stopped in my tracks. “Is that…can I see that?” I plugged it in, and oh my goodness. It worked. The light (these things have lights?) lit up. The engine hummed as soon as the pedal was pressed. It was a little battered and had {Read More}

Playing with button mosaics


I love the idea of mosaics made from buttons and beads. Of using everyday materials to create something that could be both art and kitschy hilarity. It started slowly: an art project for Miss Olive. We glommed glue onto a wood piece, and then pressed in rhinestones one by one. Fun! Messy! Bonus, it kind of looks like cake! It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it: quick and loose and not trying very hard. This {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday #3

photo 4

It’s a quiet week. Really quiet. Like, quiet before the storm quiet. (Which is ironic, as Portland has once again plunged into rain and darkness. Come on, P-land. I thought we were past this! Side note: I am a bad Oregonian.) So naturally you will find me at my desk, sewing. Nothing to do? Sewing. Too much to do? Sewing. Stressed out? Sewing. Happy? You get the idea. I’m putting the finishing touches on a new art quilt, and thinking {Read More}

In praise of the wonky noggin


I am a recovering raging perfectionist. I like things to line up in the way I see fit, all the time. I nit pick. It’s extremely annoying. So why on earth do I let things like this be? Chickenpants in Space 2010 (CP #46) I have a weird exception when it comes to fabric. I like to let mistakes inform the design. I like to let the fabric tell me what to do. In short, I like to let go {Read More}