Work in Progress Wednesday No. 19

Applique in progress by Claire Chambers

Good morning! This week I’m sharing a peek into the process behind making one of my fabric art hoops, from beginning to end. Naturally, it starts with a sketch… 99% of which will be discarded. Or perhaps used another time. Once the main pieces are cut, details are added. Everything has to be carefully placed before stitching it down. This is both the fun part and the really headache inducing part. Finally, I sign my name in thread. And after {Read More}

Traveling Pants Tuesdays – Around Portland, Oregon

Chickenpants at Latourell Falls

Chickenpants really get around. No, seriously, like around the world. They make excellent travel companions. Maybe it’s due to their compact lightweight nature, or maybe it’s because they’re quiet and they want to do whatever you want to do. In any case, they are world travelers. However, here are a few photos I took locally vaguely around Portland, Oregon. (That’s where Chickenpants HQ is, btw. Vaguely near Portland.) So…less world travel-y than usual, but still neat! Visiting the giant rabbit {Read More}

Geocaching Chickenpants Minis!

Geocahe Chickenpants

So, as I *may* have mentioned before, I just discovered geocaching. Soon into it, I decided I needed my own swap item. Enter the Mini Chickenpants! Maybe you’ve found this page after finding one of my Mini Chickenpants in a cache. Hi! Normal Chickenpants love to travel, and so do Mini Chickenpants. As you can tell, it’s not quite a trackable, but it has my Chickenpants-in-the-wild email and user name on there. I would love it if someone moved one {Read More}

A Chickenpants Giveaway!

A Chickenpants Giveaway!

I’m giving away a Chickenpants plush art toy on my Instagram feed! I’m actually super nervous to do this, but here goes. I will be giving Luann Chickenpants away to one winner, picked at random. To win her, just 1. Repost this photo on Instagram* 2. Tag said photo #chickenpants 3. And follow me on Instagram, @chickenpants That’s it! I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday, the 4th. (Feel free to tag anyone you think might be into this, too. I {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 18

Fabric art in progress by Claire Chambers

What can I say? It has been an insanely busy week. I had visitors, a house full of them. Which was delightful, and a welcome diversion, but of course no work got done. (However, lots and lots of Chickenpants on the road photos were taken!) I’m still putting everything back together, trying to get back to all the normal routines. Hence the insanely brief WIP Wednesday. See you next week!

Traveling ‘Pants Tuesday – Marques de Riscal in Elciego, Spain

Chickenpants + Frank Gehry in Spain

This was originally part of our Chickenpants Adventure Society project, but it’s too fabulous to be forgotten. Who’s that at the top of the stair? It’s Agent Edith, #010! She has been dropped at the Marques de Riscal in Elciego, Spain. After a few weeks in Paris, Edith decided to spend a little time in Rioja wine country. She found the Spanish lifestyle suited her quite nicely and when her family continued on to San Sebastian, she stayed put in {Read More}

Where food comes from – A Chickenpants Story


Every morning, Farmer Chickenpants gets up early to tend to his livestock. Hungry little critters. They are fed a steady diet of seeds and special vitamins to enhance their brain power. The second chore of the day is to poke the ground with a shovel while thinking of good names for bands. Next, he checks on the crops. The animals are concerned that he may not drop any vegetables. Their vitamins are starting to kick in. Woo! Monster cropa’ berries {Read More}

Fan Friday – A stamp!

Goodies from The Sweet Bunny Project

I was treated to a box of goodies from Brian of The Sweet Bunny Project. A box! In the mail! Who does that? Awesome people, that’s who. Inside were wonderful high quality prints of the carvings he makes (you should get one! Maybe two!), bookmarks, vegan chocolate!, and a stamp with my logo! So rad. Clearly, I need to start putting my logo on more stuff. Expect packages from me to be much snazzier in the future! Thank you, Brian {Read More}

A very long post to share a very small thing


When I tabled (not comics!) at the SF Zine Fest years back, I spoke with a comic artist about my fear of being bad at comics, and thus not bothering to draw them. I had heard (from an expert!), that it took about 500 pages of terrible, unusable work to begin to be slightly good. “Oh no,” the actual comic artist said. “No. More like just 50 pages.” He encouraged me to keep at it. 50 pages still sounded like {Read More}

Work in Progress Wednesday No. 17

Come With Me, Go Places - pug fabric art by Claire Chambers

It’s the strangest thing: this weeks’ works in progress all sort of…match: They’re all…coordinated and stuff. Bizarre. It’s a weirdly Pug intensive time over here. This little guy showed up one morning, scratching at my door, asking to made. “Hey, lady. Come on, you know you want to make a picture of a pug. Make me out of scraps, I don’t care. Let’s go!” (He is made out of scraps, which is a super fun way to make things. Unexpected {Read More}